10 Best fixed blade combat knife Reviews

Make your choice most flexible with the best fixed blade combat knife without the folding blade.For superior tactical knife theses are considered the most important and useful tool for anyone.Not only for military or marine task these knife can be reliable for urban environment or deep in the uncharted wood for survival, emergency and self-defense fixed are designed for to do all the things.

Usually this knifes are double length o the folding blade which seems difficult to carry them in various locations.But most of the fixed blade category combat knife comes with well-made, durable and safe sheath which keep the knife secure and well managed to use the knife in various situations.

Even we are here to offer the most comfortable choices available  of the market which great outdoor time from campsite to self-defense ground.To do this we have attached top pick with 10 option, buying guide and FAQs as you can’t go any wrong way to buy best fixed blade combat knife. 

Our Top Picks

People love to buy tactical combat knives with fixed blade which are considered king  for their surprising sturdiness and well controlled capacity.They are well build and free of moving parts like the foldable one which cab get jam or break easily.And this makes them unusual for your survival field or heavy-duty task.We researched a lot to suggest you best option and the following  are top options which can you check out.



If you want a multifunctional fixed blade combat knife consider very first Smith & Wesson which have sturdy construction with high carbon stainless to make this rust and corrosion proof.No matter you are tracing EDC or survival knife which can come contact with water, but these knife   damage even after frequent use.This has attractive look with black handle  and blade combination.

To keep your hand safe this has a hand guard which  can prevent slippage.Furthermore, the rubber wrapped handle for long termed holding this knife in different needs.With tho compound bevel blade edge this are super for any situation when you can’t trust on them.The knife have 9 inch overall length while 4.7 inch blade with a standard handle to cope with any worst situation handle.This blade is razor sharp to perform efficiently.

Possibly nothing can the helpful as a sheath l for a knife to carry them anywhere camping, boy’s scout and other.With the boot or belt sheath this won’t take the space of your backpack rather this will be safe with your boot and belt without tension of loosing this.As the manufacturer pretty sure about their high quality knife they offer limited lifetime warranty against any defect of this knife.

Key features

  • Comes with belt or boot sheath
  • Designed with compound bevel blade edge
  • Non-slip with hand guard
  • Black rubber wrapped handle
  • Lanyard hole to easy store
  • Full tang and well balance

Why we picked it

  • Backed with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Quick and easy access
  • High carbon stainless steel blade 
  • Multifunctional knife 

2. https://amzn.to/3umOilU

MOSSY OAK combined 2 pieces   fixed blade combat knife for getting more advantages from this set.These knife’s blade have satin finish with the clip point shape to be a worthy companion for hunters, campers, outdoor survivors and fishermen.This is classical appearance can fit anyone male and female.With 6 and 4 blade length these knife can be reliable for tight place in various difficult situation.

With the excellent cutting properties- stainless steel 4 mm an 2.5 mm  thick blade for two knifes.Beside this the blade featured with  surprising strength, edge retention and corrosion  resistance to ensure durability and long-lasting  performance for cutting, chopping, slicing and others.This blade comes with razor sharpness which cut the thing preciously and accurately with less effort.

To ensure best performance of the knife full tang design is always reliable.In the leather handle this have comfortable grip and finger grooved design.On the contrary the brass guard provides great balance of the knife with the non-slip featured.While these knives are an addition for outdoor activities such as ease of carrying  and store them must be comfortable and safe.This comes with nylon sheath with belt loop  to hang from boot and belt.

Key features

  • Stainless steel  razor sharp blade
  • Full tang with versatile clip point
  • Aluminum hand guard
  • Include nylon sheath
  • Excellent leather handle
  • Non-slip grip to use

Why we picked it

  • Small yet powerful
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Edge retention and corrosion resistance

3. https://amzn.to/2SmJu1P

Stability of a fixed blade combat knife  is the most essential feature and 12 inch Tacticle Bowie Survival Hunting knife from Defender Xtream, which is a brand has great reputation in the field of this type of knife making.With the compound bevel blade this knife increased their functionality twice than other similar model.For the 7-inch heavy-duty blade this have 5 inches Knurled grip handle.

Manufacturer of this knife not only get stopped to great product for their customer even they offer satisfaction guarantee to keep your faith.This knife comes with hard composite sheath and belt bucks while this also designed with easy open fastening system to make the user comfortable with this knife.As a brand-new knife design this has good-looking to suit your personality and gets complements from friends and companion.

With the 440 grade stainless steel, pretty contraction this knife can go round of years to support camping, self-defense and survival.For their decent price you can be disappointed with this purchase.This knife comes semi sharp so you to resharpen the knife  before using.This knife is high quality balanced yet designed for quick access.And the fairly durable knife will be enough for any bad situations single hand operation.

Key features

  • Comes with knurled handle
  • Easy open fastening system
  • Included sheath and belt buckle
  • Clip point  blade
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Superior grip in handle

Why we picked it

  • Worth of price
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Well-made with quality material

4. https://amzn.to/3ehtVRK

SOG knife make differences with construction stainless steel chilled to -300 degree then heated for max hardening while hard cased black titanium nitride coated AUS-8 stainless steel to provide edge retention and superior hardness for long-lasting performance.To make a balance with design and quality control manufacturer did not compromise anyways while this is a product of the USA based brand.

The glass reinforced nylon handle of the knife offers a ton of convenience to use them in your various outdoor activity such as fishing, hunting camping, survival and other.This unsurpassed grip helps to use the knife in a tight place even in the hardest situation.This knife specially designed with SOG shape and serration blade with clip point design.Combined both this ensures piercing style cuts and quicker as well as  clean cuts of every time.

Moreover, this  knife has very lightweight and compact size which you won’t be very hard to carry this while this come with hard molded kydex sheath which can wear  on the belt or attach to the pack or gear to feel you more organized and secure with this multifunctional knife.The full tang construction will make this stable and surprising sturdier to rely on this knife to make a balance at the time of using.Contoured handle support  you in the best way in any task.

Key features

  • Glass  reinforced nylon handle
  • Hardness rating is 57-58
  • Partially serrated edge
  • Multi mounting tactical sheath
  • Zero maintenance
  • Textured anti slip high impact handle

Why we picked it

  • Full tang blade for convenience
  • Beautiful with Hard cased black tint finish 
  • Razor sharpness and super lightweight
  • Built to last and perfectly balanced

5. https://amzn.to/33cZwO2

For a safe experience of outdoor activities camping or survival Holtzman’s Gorrilla Survival this knife package include lots of things as paracord, Ferro Scraper, Ferro rod, Allen Wrench.If you have this for your campsite or survival journey you not to need worry about to make fire.While this comes with everything for a campfire.With the adjustable locking belt clip and removal add-ons helps you to carry the knife anywhere.

According to the most hunter, camper, hiker, gardening and crafting enthusiast this is tactical must have item which can cut plastic, paper, baton wood, rope, cartoon, thin aluminum to meet your different need for occasionally or daily purpose.For a hundred  purposes you can trust on this knife.This has 8.6 inch blade length which can be a great choice for bush crafting to batoning.This has 100%money back guarantee to make your purchase  risk-free and more fun.

The thin razor sharp edge  comes from a 59-60 Rockwell hardness rating that can do the things with least effort.To prove this durable this come with long life steel.Furthermore, this knife has a 1.4 inch wide  G10 handle to offer more comfortable  handling of this knife without hurting your hand.  At the time of operation it won’t slip for this grip and deep finger pointing.Contoured bevel and straight back blade design introduce this as safe and dependable ultimately.

Key features

  • Able to batoning of wood
  • Nonslip easy grip G10 handle
  • Include Kydex sheath with leather strap
  • Rounded pommel with lanyard hole 
  • Comes with beautiful gift box
  • Package include lots of accessories

Why we picked it

  • Ideal length for best functionality
  • Ultra sturdy blade construction
  • Razor sharpness to meet all needs
  • Safe and dependable

6. https://amzn.to/3xKYhDV

Extremely slim look of the knife easily attack your attention towards Schrade 12.7 inch high carbon stainless steel boot knife.This has 7.6 inches blade for 12.7 inch overall knife which can be preferable length for a multifunctional knife.Yet the 5.1 ounce weight makes it lightweight to easy access and precision cut for smooth handling.The black finish of blade and handle provide an attractive look of anyone personality man, woman, dad, boyfriend and so on.

To ensure higher durability manufacturer chosen high carbon stainless steel to construct the black as you can use then for rounds of years in different purpose.This carbon construction ensure durable cutting edge reliable than contemporary knife choices.This knife specially designed with double edge and serrated spear point blade to be accuracy to cut bushes or woods for making fire.Featuring a lanyard hole of the knife ensures more security in the using time.

As a strong companion this knife won’t let you go down for you any outdoor adventures hiking camping, survival, self-defense, fighting and others.This has non-slip ergonomic handle while the higher security comes from quillon.With the clip point design and V grind blade shape you can’t lose hope with this knife purchase.Besides this, the knife comes with a convenient leather sheath  with belt loop  and boot clip to carry this easily.

Key features

  • Thermoplastic elastomer handle 
  • Blade made with high carbon stainless steel
  • Have a lanyard hole
  • Full tang knife
  • Lighter yet sturdier
  • Good fit for anyone’s hand

Why we picked it

  • Easy to carry and store
  • Serrated spear point blade
  • Offers durable edge
  • Perfect for all outdoor adventures

7. https://amzn.to/3b03Nc8

 Some blades are more popular  for the outdoors men than others and clip point is one of them for their multifunction.This is designed by Mtech USA brand with 14 inch overall length and 8 inch blade Which can be reliable choice for bush craft, fire making, tent placement and other outdoor activities for fisherman, camper, hiker, survival, gardening and others.For hand-to-hand combat noting can be parallel to this knife.

A black blade with a curved G10 handle helps you to all of them which you won’t think possible in such a knife.Curved handle ensure you no slippage weather your hand is wet, and you are in tough situation.This ergonomic handle design support you to hold the knife proper through its nice grip.The 5 mm thickness 440 stainless steel blade have great capacity to offer long-lasting edge for best performance.

Making it available for anywhere this includes nylon sheath which is durable and tend to carry this in various places.For more versatility this has a lanyard hole for various field.The knife is full tang offer great balance to cut hard things with lest effort.The knife comes in a great sharping condition to go for your camp site.For your wilderness trip this can also spit wood properly.According to these performances the price of this knife is very inexpensive.

Key features

  • Extremely comfortable to hold  and use
  • G10 handle with lanyard hole
  • 5 mm thickness blade
  • long life cutting edge
  • Made from 440 stainless steel
  • Perfect size and weight 

Why we picked it

  • Sharp and plenty pointy
  • Clip point blade design 
  • Full tang knife
  • Worth of prize

8. https://amzn.to/3vHovp4

Culambia River Knife & Tools presenting the CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife with 7.44x 1.16 x 0.7e inch overall dimension and 5.6 ounce weight which is very compact and lightweight to carry them anywhere with the nylon sheath case.No matter you are leaving for the toughest survival situation or wilderness campsite you can hand this from your belt and your bag straps for easy and secure access.

This knife is tough SK5 carbon steel which made this durable and reliable for your all outdoor activities.This high quality materials also provide a long-lasting and very sharp cutting edge of this knife.As EDC knife, survival, campsite, hiking and others needed knife mostly comes close to the water and being reason of erosion and rust.But this knife won’t rust or corrosion while this have non-reflective power coated blade to ensure high performance.

Full tang construction of knife ensure superior strength and balance of the knife while you are cutting wood, bush, rope and others tough thing comfortably.Incorporation of tough G10 handle helps you to hold and use the knife securely and comfortably with superior grip. This handle is also all weatherproof to go for a couple of years damage free uses.Versatile drop point blade design for perfectly cutting.This has a lifetime warranty to feel you secure with your purchase.  

Key features

  • Provide higher cutting performance
  • Full tang construction
  • Include multi position nylon sheath
  • All weatherproof G10  
  • Made from SK5 carbon steel
  • Lightweight and compact

Why we picked it

  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Well cutting edge 
  • Lifetime limited warranty 

9. https://amzn.to/33cC8Am

The sleek and compact Smith & Wesson designed CKSUR1 model with 6 inch blade is made from high carbon stainless steel.Like the other model of knives of this brand this have a top line of durability.Of course these knives are designed to meet you for everyday needs as you can  consider them most handy things in your indoor of outdoor activities.This knife is ready to go with you as a dependable tool in a toughest situation.

Moreover, the knife have black blade construction with black aluminum handle which create elegant look. And the rubberized handle offers more comfortable handling even wet hands.Deep grooved design as well as reliable hand guard  in the handle offers non-slip experience with this knife.For any outdoors men this knife can be the first to carry them with convenient ballistic polyester sheath.

Including removal storage pouch and a sharping steel helps to keep your knife in good condition even after long termed uses.The good-looking knife have great price for this sturdy and multi functionality.The knife arrives with razor sharpness which is ready

 to go your campsite.The blade has various point for indoor and outdoor tasks.As a very sturdy knife this is great for a real combat knife choice.

Key features

  • Very study blade construction
  • Durable aluminum handle
  • Designed with reliable hand guard
  • Deep grooved and rubberized handle 
  • Ease to carry with ballistic polyester sheath
  • A full tang knife design

Why we picked it

  • Well-balanced and good-looking
  • Multi purposeful knife
  • Arrives very sharp
  • Comes with removal storage pouch and sharping steel

10. https://amzn.to/3ekgXCJ

We want to conclude our best fixed blade combat knife reviews with Snake Eye Tacticle designed heavy-duty knife which is perfect suggestion for  military, army, marine and other out doormen ass well as housewife  which needs combat knife to assist in various purpose.Intellectual design of the knife suitable for picnic, hunting, hiking, skinning, deer hunting, recreational cooking and more.

Most interestingly these knives have 8 different style, design, pattern and color combination of offer you most preferable one for you depending on your personality.For both indoor kitchen to survival field this knife won’t disappoint you with performance.The excellent design of thief easily get many complements and match any kitchen environments.With the big and sturdy appearance makes it versatile for a different situation.

This knife has superior quality black coated stainless steel blade construction to ensure extraordinary strength and durability for frequent use of the knife.The razor sharp blade can be in use even without sharping for up to one year.These knife have a rubber grip handle to suit in various functions securely and comfortably.For great balance of the knife this have great balance between the knife blade and handle.

Key features

  • Offers various design and patterns
  • Stunning look of the knife
  • Rubberized nice grip handle 
  • Carry anywhere with molded sheath
  • Made with coated S.S 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activity 

Why we picked it

  • Very sharp and strong 
  • Build to last
  • Worth of prize
  • Big yet stable

Frequently asked questions

Sometimes various types of knives make their customer confused with their functionality and their. To clear the idea of a combat knife, performance, price, and other questions answer to make you enough confident for your buying of the best-fixed blade combat knife. We put together all the frequent questions asked the people who want to buy this knife and wanted to learn about this. Have some clear ideas about them from this session.

Is there any difference between a combat knife and a standard knife?

A combat knife is designed for hand-to-hand fighting and this is considered one kind of weapon. On the contrary, a standard pocket knife is a utilitarian knife for various purposes like cutting slicing, and other. Combat knives are specialized knives for survival and some serious situation uses.

What are combat knives used for?

From the traditional thinking of the combat knives uses for military fighting purposes, it broadens the perspective as a campsite and other outdoor activities for their excellence. In modern uses, people take this for bush crafting, wood splitting, food processing, and so on. Because of their razor sharpness and durable construction, these knives become a handy item for everyone from the house to military men.

What is the best knife for combat?

It could be difficult to say that which one is perfect for you.We introduced 10 choice in our pick which can be most suitable for you.We think them on the point from budget, blade construction, materials, blade size, handle design, accessories and sheath as gift and other.We piked  Smith & Wesson different model, Mossy Oak, Mtech USA and other which are featured high carbon stainless steel blade with coating.Perfect size with weight balance and comfortable ergonomic handle.So, it is you who pick the appropriate one for you.

Are combat knives legal?

Combat knives can be legal or illegal for a different state or countries.Several countries have legality to sale, carry, transport and use these type of knives.Like UK and Austria if you are up to 18 you can buy and carry this knife while in Florida it varies up to the length of the blade.So get clear idea about your living state before carry and use this knife.


Among the variety of style and design of combat knives the fixed blade are more reliable for imperially stability while these also can perform as a utility knife. These knives are great for self-defense, hunting, cutting different material in various situations.Hopefully you have already choose one from our top picks of the best fixed blade combat knife.

 While today’s writing was all about combat knife choosing which can make your overwhelming for their available options, and we tried to help you find to get one regard your own performance.We also consider the most important thing as the price to make you comfortable  with them.

So, we are confidently saying this you are also learned to make a compare with your purchase and rest of the poplar choices.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.