10 Best Knife for Camping and Hiking

From opening a can or splitting wood you will feel the necessity of the best knife for camping and hiking men, hikers, and campers searching for a light, reliable and versatile option to make their purchase beneficial. Except for a perfect camping knife, your bag pack won’t be worthy to carry for your outside activity. These are extremely easy to operate and store with updated safety features when these are foldable designs.

No matter if you are taking prep for a daily hike or traveling, a pocket knife is an exceptionally handy item and a range of pocket knives makes you overwhelmed even if you have already used a different model. We have picked them from a wide explanation: portability, size, sharpness, great customer rating, and other consideration factors.

Pick one of these which we have rounded up with the most popular choices which can be multifunctional including setting the fire, whistle, compass, and functions like breaking car glass to shouting wood pieces. 

Best Knife Reviews for Camping and Hiking

Usually, knives for camping and hiking are more comfortable and secure than anything. And our top picks consist of the most popular choices from different brands. You can trust us as we have invested a couple of hours to help you find the right choice which won’t disappoint you with their performance or study appearance. Let’s dig in on the best knife for camping and hiking to buy.

1. RoverTac Pocket Knife

10 Best Knife for Camping and Hiking
Knife for Camping

We prefer to start our best knife for camping and hiking with Rover Tac which have serrated knife, knife, wire cutter, regular plier, needle nose plier, Can and bottle opener, screwdriver bit adaptor as 9 in 1 multi tool which can do everything what you want from your camping and hiking knife.Pocket knife without convenient carrying design wastage of investment.And this comes with a durable nylon pouch which can you attach on a belt loop.

With safety lock mechanism you can keep you finger safe by discreetly integrated that prevents the blade accidentally closing with this need to push in to fold to keep as safe option.Bit sleeve and screwdriver offers more functionality of this essential having things in your backpack.With 4.3 x 1.3 x 1 inch dimension and  7.83 oz won’t take a lot of space of your bag.On the have easy grip for making it slip resistance.

Durability of the knife comes with its well construction with stainless steel with black oxidation coated which makes perfect for different outdoor activities-hiking, camping, fishing and other with home improvement more safely.This knife has three colors choices-golden, black and green from where you can choose one per your liking.This could be a great gifting idea for men and women like mom, dad, friend and so on as thanksgiving or other occasion.

Key features

  • Practical design
  • Very portable Nylon punch
  • Durable black oxidation coated
  • Handy gift idea
  • High hardness and good texture
  • Slim resistance 

Why we picked it

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Have 100% satisfaction
  • Safety lock incorporation
  • Multipurpose use

2. GVDV Pocket Folding Knife


Titanium coated blade offers reliable durability and superb functionality is the main feature of GVDV pocket folding knife.The blade is constructed from 7Cr17 stainless steel which have corrosion resistance and excellent cutting capacity.As a safe mechanism this has locking design which ensure auto closing can be a reason of hurting you.As a wonderful item this could be a gifting idea for anyone.

The outstanding design of the of this stylish knife makes you proud to have this with nice ergonomic wooden handle, fine detailed and beautiful laser engraving on the blade.Beautiful appearance and smooth cutting operation feel you more secure with your knife.Plus this knife also have gray and silver color options which can be great match for your purchase.

It has 4.5 inch folded part with 3.4 inch blade and 7.36 ounce which is very convenient to carry when this has belt clip design.As an EDC design this is very portable which is easily fit any backpack and clip on with your belt.It comes with a compact and small whetstone to keep this always sharp and handy.The pack of the knife is very strong to keep the in perfect condition from shipping to hiking, camping, self-defense or daily needs.

Key features

  • Titanium coated blade
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Belt clip details
  • Smooth cutting operation 
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • Color option available

Why we picked it

  • Made from 7Cr17 stainless steel 
  •  EDC design and very portable
  • Comes with nice pack and whetstone
  • Featured with corrosion resistance

3. Rush Deer Pocket Knife


Rush Deer presenting an ideal multifunctional knife which is made from high quality and G10 materials.Meanwhile, this is crafted from stainless steel that have multitasking featured with a seat belt cutter and glass breaker those helps you any emergency like to pierce the car window or cut the role.Carrying them for anywhere for kitchen, gardening, camping and other outdoor activities.

Furthermore, thump shot help in  quick opening while the linear lock securely secure the open slash and prevent unexpected closure of the knife.The folding is not only a knife for slicing fruit or opening can rather than this is more than any contemporary model available in the market.This has a pocket clip to carry this in various spot without possibilities of losing.To increase cutting ability this clip shaped blade to enhance drilling power with excellent balance of toughness and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum handle won’t damage even after round or years uses with watery hand.With the 7.9 inch in overall length with 4.6 inch closed length while this have only 4.6 ounce weight to meet your need as EDC item which must have item in your backpack.Comfortable grip with textured material and finger dentures in handle helps you to operate the knife smooth and secure. 

Key features

  • A pocket clip to easy carry
  • Toughness and corrosion resistance
  • Textured material and finger dentures in handle
  • Lightweight and heavy duty
  • Crafted from stainless steel 
  • Comes with warranty service

Why we picked it

  • Multi functional
  • Clip shaped blade 
  • Great value of price
  • Quick and easy access

4. Military EDC USMC Tactical Jack Knifes


Along with black metal and rosewood handle Grand Way pocket knife will easily attract anyone attention when you are caring this one in you camping, hiking or other daily or outdoor activities.This folding knife won’t take much space in your backpack, or you can carry this with a pocket or belt clip.With 440C stainless steel construction with great hardness won’t disappoint you in cutting to breaking car window glass. 

Razor sharp edge and best cutting performance won’t let you go down of this Tactical knife for security, military, self-defense and more proudly.While the natural wood  handle odder comfortable operation of this knife.It is designed with thumb button which ensure right and left opening with single hand.The are quipped a safety lock to proven automatic closing of the blade and can be risky for the user.

Tools for hunting or fishing even cooking is essential for anyone like mom, dad, friend and other you can this beautiful design and well-made knife to near and dear ones birthday, Thanksgiving Day and others celebration to keep them safe and active.The wood and metal combination handle don’t damage very soon while you are picking this for frequent uses.

Key features

  • Natural wood handle scales
  • Designed with first aid glass breaker
  • Available pocket clip
  • Used durable materials 
  • Liner lock construction
  • Comes with two color choices

Why we picked it

  • Spring assisted ope hand opening
  • Portable and functional
  • Optimum balance and safe
  • Razor sharp cutting edge

5. Best EDC Camping Hiking Hunting


Pocket knives are lots of convenience to carry or use.To keep this thinking in mind Grand Way designed this pocket knife with 8.94 inch while 3.94 inch blade and 7.41 oz.Such a pretty and compact knife can be stored in boot, belt, pocket with well-made clip.This is the incredible way to manage your handy knife even you are in adventure, boy scout, traveling and others.

The appearance of the knife give a clear idea about its  sturdiness which is made with stainless steel for cutting blade and handle’s have metal and wooden combination.The folding knife have liner closer which provide his simple and attractive look from different angles.And the TIN coating of the knife provide surprising cutting ability and long-lasting sliding edge for long time even there this no need to sharpen a new knife.

No matter you are in emergency and this knife do not require two hand to open and operation of the knife while this is an assisted knife with a thumb button for right and left opening.As a multi tool this could be a reliable option when you are in boat, car or any types of traveling, and you are man, women, hiker, camper, hunter or others.to make your purchase more effective this comes with 100%  money-back guarantee.

Key features

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Comes with TIN coating
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Asserted opening design
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Open in one hand 

Why we picked it

  • 100%  money-back guarantee
  • Comes with long-lasting sliding edge
  • Multitasking razor sharp tool
  • Very easy to carry and store

6. RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool


This pocket knife have great customer rating Amazon which is designed by Rover Tac.Manufacture offers up to 10 different tools blending performance with this one tool as screwdriver bit adapter, bottle opener, Can opener, wire cutter regular pliers, needle nose pliers, screwdriver set and others.This comes with a safety lock which keeps your finger safe and comfortable using experience of this knife.

Being a stainless steel constructed knife option you do not need to think about the durability and long-lasting performance when this also comes with resistant black oxidation.No need to compromise with great performance like a powerful and functional knife option when this to  have with you.From your different outdoor activities to home improvement task with knife plays a significant role whatever you want to do.

Cutting with two types knife serrated and sharp knife held to cut firewood to food processing smoothly with single tool.The knife is very sharp and durable which have ballistic nylon pouch for convenient to carry anywhere which lasts for rounds of years.With the high hardness and good texture won’t deceive you even after a round of years of use.The handle has easy grip to make it slip resistance.

Key features

  • Small yet powerful
  • Reliable stainless steel construction
  • Slip resistance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Solid and lightweight
  • Include ballistic nylon bag

Why we picked it

  • Multipurpose utility
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Value of the money 
  • Well packaged

7. Perfect Knife for Everyday Carry


Matte black appearance of the Grand Way’s this pocket knife have also flagged pattern and green color option from where you can pick the most personalized one when you are choosing military or tactical knives.To structure the blade manufacture used 440C steel which is perfect for long term operation while this need not any sharping from coming out the shipping box.

Chosen material to build this are make it good corrosion resistance high durability.This has a very convenient handle for direct and reverse grip.The folding knife handle liner are made from aircraft grade aluminum and black painted to give a simple and clean look overly.Its is featured with a liner reliable lock which keep your hand save from automatically closing.

This works with easy open mechanism like spring assisted blade opening system which needs slightly pressure to the base lever to open this pocket folding knife.It comes with razor sharp knife which also have pocket clip carry to prove this as an EDC knife choice.The ribbed  nonslip handle won’t lose the  activity of the knife even you are cursing messy things.It is only 4.40 oz which is perfect for any outdoor tasks.

Key features

  • Well built knife structure
  • Ribbed  nonslip handle
  • Allow razor sharp edge
  • Comfortable handle
  • Multifunctional use
  • Spring assisted blade

Why we picked it

  • Comes with pocket clip carry
  • Liner lock construction
  • Heavy-duty lock up system
  • Compact and very portable

8. KINGMAX Pocket Knife for Men


A foldable design of KINGMAX pocket knife won’t take lots of space in the backpack and kitchen knife set box.On the contrary this small and multi functional tool won’t require lots of money while this offer plier, Can opener and a screwdriver with 9 in 1 bet set.As a durable and compact pocket option this won’t provide less or considerable performance than the most powerful one of the market which can be efficient for home improvement work, camping, hiking, fishing and so on.

The knife have 440C stainless steel construction with premium hardness and corrosion resistance to offer carefree use of this anywhere to meet different needs.Plus this has black oxide coating which ensure elegant  and discreet appearance with various safety features.With the liner lock you can ensure supreme security that the blade   won’t close until you press the liner lock to unlock the blade.

It has a grooved handle to provide comfortable using with easy grip of the knife.To carry this knife have nylon cloth bag to transport this easily pasted on the belt and bag.This multi purposeful knife have the most versatile 9 in 1 screwdriver to make satisfy with your various uses.For your husband or father, man or women this could be an amazing gift idea for any occasions.

Key features

  • Simple and attractive design
  • Multi purposeful knife
  • Durable and compact 
  • 40C stainless steel construction
  • Premium hardness and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle

Why we picked it

  • Include  nylon cloth bag to transport
  • Liner lock system
  • Great cutting tool
  • Portable and easy to store

9. Grand Way Pocket Knife


 When your single knife can offer you a complete knife set for EDC and tactical use, camping and hiking use, survive and self-defense, for utility and first aid Grand Way provide this multifunctional used to impress you its user with knife, fire starter whistle.If you are in preparing for wilderness camping the whistle won’t let you fallen part from your companions.

Set fire with the fire starter which incorporates with the knife now you are the hero of your camp who can easily the toughest work very easily.The linear type lock help you to keep using of the knife safe and secure plus provide a compact size which can fit any small corner of your bag.With the pocket belt and strap you can hang this from pocket, belt and boots depending on your comfort zones.

Flipper design of this knife  helps to one hand operation.And the 440C steel construction make sure razor sharpness from the coming out from the package.This have textured non-slip handle to do all things very smoothly.No matter you are left-handed or in hurry to operate this knife won’t slip which is made from heavy-duty plastic.

Key features

  • Multifunctional uses
  • Textured non-slip handle 
  • Razor sharp edge
  • Durable plastic made handle
  • Have 100% money-back guarantee
  • Build in survival whistle

Why we picked it

  • One hand easy opening 
  • Liner lock design
  • Comes with clip easy carrying
  • Include fire starter for a lot of convenience

Frequently asked questions

We are not saying this you are not completely unknown about this common tool.But some question and answer can make the idea more adequate before your investment.We have chosen the most popular questions which are asked different website by the user or buyer of the camping and hiking knife.Spending only two minutes to read this question you can easily reach the right choice of the and find out they are essential for you through these FAQs.

Why do you need a knife for a camper or hiker?

The multi functional knife of hiking with be a great thing for your backpacking for safety while you never know what will happen in wilderness and knife could be versatile and reliable when you keep this with you.In emergency situation this can make easier on the trail.Furthermore, opening a food package or wrapping  to cutting cord this could be quicker and safe tools for any situation like-making spark to start a fire, first aid and treatment wounds, carving, slicing, repairing camp gear and so on.So, there is no alternative to carry a knife in campsite or hiking. 

Can you carry a knife while hiking?

Of course, you can carry a knife while hiking which can be helpful when you are in an emergency situation, and you are alone.If you are to view different adventure reality   you may have noticed with a knife they can use in any hard situation like cutting rope and log in different situations.Opening a food package to first aid solution  you can deny the importance of having a pocket knife when you are in hiking.

What kind of knife do I need for camping?

We have already said you several times there is no alternative to a small and well-made knife for your campsite which can provide a thousand benefit.You should consider their weight and length while you can pick a heavy or larger one which can being itself trouble for you to carry and use them in various situation.Pretty wider blade with 3-4 inch blair and overall 7 to 8 inch knife can be for functional for your.

Which one is the best folding or fixed knife for camping and hiking?

It is you who can find out the most convenient option for you.Some people prefer fixed blade knife for reliability and durability and other love the foldable design which are very portable and space-saving.According to your purpose and use you can choose them among folding or fixed knife options.But EDC knives with foldable design  are more reliable than a fixed one.

How to choose blade grade for camping and hiking knives?

Most of the camping and hiking knives come with stainless steel construction to ensure super durability and satisfactory performance.With 56-58 hardness and rust proof materials are recommended for these knives.You should be careful of its waterproof capacity to keep your investment safe for a couple of years. 

Bottom Line

We hope you have already found various options from our best knife for camping and hiking which are best options than others.To keep the price point and helpful features our picked pocket knives are most accepted for the Amazon customers.So you can grab one with full of confidence.

In these cases the chosen material and folding design are the most considerable factors you should think about before.And we already attached the type and buying guide to help you learn.

Your perfect companion for camping or hiking like a pocket knife should be lightweight, well-made and durable to provide best support in your outdoor or home task.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.