Cutco knife block Review

Cutco knives are renowned for their superior quality and longevity. The Cutco knife block is an indispensable kitchen tool for storing and safeguarding Cutco blades. This article will examine the numerous Cutco knife block types and offer a complete description of their features, construction, and performance. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, you will enjoy the Cutco knife block’s elegant style and useful functions. Hence, if you need a high-quality knife block to keep your Cutco blades, continue reading to determine which one is best.


Cutco knife block Review

The CUTCO HOMEMAKER 18-Slot Wooden Knife Block. Crafted from only the finest hardwoods and with a classic dark cherry wood finish, this storage holder will make a stylish statement in your kitchen. 

Measuring 12.13 inches by 7.68 inches by 5.83 inches, it block won’t take up too much precious counter space but still provides plenty of room for your cutlery collection—it has 18 slots that accommodate all types of knives with different handle shapes, sizes, and lengths. The slot design keeps blades tucked away while an ergonomic handle offers easy portability if desired.  Not only is this knife block aesthetically pleasing, it’s also incredibly durable thanks to its heavy-duty construction and superior craftsmanship that you can trust from Cutco HOMEMAKER. 

2.  Cutco 1748 

Cutco 1748 knife review

With the Cutco 1748 Honey Finish Oak Homemaker + 8 Set Block, you can elevate the look of your kitchen storage while increasing its level of durability. This contemporary block is crafted from honey oak, and it features an astonishing eighteen slots that are capable of accommodating all of your favorite Cutco knives. You’ll never have to worry about having to stick your hand in a randomly jumbled drawer of knives again thanks to this block; instead, you can select exactly what you need right at the counter.

They are handmade exclusively in the United States of America by American craftworkers, so you know they are made to last! They are also known for being the most popular brand of quality cutlery in the United States for more than 50 years. In addition, each and every one of Cutco’s products is backed by the company’s well-known Lifetime Guarantee, which provides complimentary maintenance and replacement parts throughout the life of the equipment. Grab something special today with the Cutco 1748 Honey Finish Oak Homemaker + 8 Set Block and enjoy cutting-edge convenience in your experience in the kitchen. This block comes with a homemaker set that includes eight pieces.

3. CUTCO Wooden Knife Block #1748

CUTCO Wooden Knife Block 1748 knife review

As a home cook, having a quality set of knives is crucial for quick and fun food preparation. But, it is equally crucial to have a safe and organized method of storing these blades. Here comes the CUTCO Wooden Knife Block #1748 into play. In this review, we’ll examine this knife block to determine if it’s a worthwhile buy.

Let’s first and primarily discuss the aesthetics. It is crafted from honey oak wood and features a timeless, classic design that would enhance any kitchen decor. The wood grain is gorgeous, and the finish is velvety to the touch. It is a substantial, well-crafted, and sturdy object.

The block is designed to accommodate knives and forks from the separately marketed HOMEMAKER + 8 set. It features a total of 18 slots, eight of which are dedicated for the Homemaker set and ten for other knives or utensils. The holes are sized differently to allow blades of varying lengths and widths.

It is distinguished from others on the market by its patented double-D edge grip technology. This indicates that the slots are angled inward, which secures the blades and prevents them from falling out. It is a minor element, but it has a significant impact on safety and usability.

Rubber feet on the bottom of the CUTCO Wooden Knife Block #1748 prevent it from sliding around on your countertop. This is another thoughtful feature that demonstrates the design’s attention to detail.

Let’s now discuss the price. At a retail price of over $150, it block is certainly an investment. But, when the quality of the materials and construction, as well as the convenience and safety features, are taken into account, it is a good investment for anyone who takes cooking seriously.

4. Cutco 1813

Cutco 1813 knife review

The Cutco Signature Set Cherry/Oak Block 1652 is a handcrafted oak block designed to store a variety of Cutco knives, making it a useful and aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen. In this review, we’ll examine this knife block to determine if it’s a worthwhile buy.

Let’s discuss the design in the first place. It is a remarkable work of art. It is built from high-quality oak wood and has a gorgeous cherry finish, giving it a classic and elegant appearance. The block is 13-1/4 inches in height, 10-7/8 inches in width, 9-5/8 inches in depth, and 16 inches diagonally, making it a big sculpture that will look spectacular on any countertop.

The block is designed to accommodate a vast array of Cutco blades, including paring knives, carving knives, vegetable knives, and even a cleaver. In addition to the 12 table knives, it features a turning fork, carving fork, and spatula spreader. This makes it a comprehensive storage option, eliminating the need for extra knife blocks or storage containers.

The adaptability of this knife block distinguishes it from others on the market. The slots are of varying diameters to accommodate various blade lengths and widths, and the block can store up to 25 knives and other kitchen implements. This implies that the layout can be tailored to your unique requirements and tastes.

5.  CUTCO Model 2007 

CUTCO Model 2007  knife review

The CUTCO Model 2007 Galley Set with Honey Oak Block exemplifies the highest level of handiwork that can be found in the United States. CUTCO has been supplying high-quality knives and tools to chefs, home cooks, and food lovers all throughout the United States for more than six decades. And these pieces from their Classic range are no exception; they are forged from high carbon stainless steel, and they are fitted with thermo-resin ergonomic handles that will not crack, chip, fade, or absorb any material.

Not only are they perfectly balanced, but they also come with the renowned CUTCO Lifetime Warranty, which offers free sharpening and replacement for the rest of their lives. Due to the fact that these instruments are so sturdy and long-lasting, you can be sure that they will be a part of your family for many more years of meals and memories. Put your faith in the number one brand in the United States when it comes to producing quality cutlery, and see your ideas come to life.

Why You Should Trust Us?

Before making a purchase decision, we recognise that it is crucial to rely on the evaluations and suggestions you have read. Here are some reasons why our evaluation of the Cutco knife block may be trusted:

Our evaluation of the Cutco knife block is based on independent testing; we have no association with the manufacturer or any other entity. Our evaluations are objective, and we share our sincere assessment on the product.

Our product testers have a wealth of expertise testing and reviewing kitchen goods. We are aware of the essential characteristics of a knife block, the elements that influence its performance, and how it compares to similar items on the market.

We evaluate everything thoroughly, taking into account a variety of variables, including its design, materials, durability, use, and overall performance. We utilise the product as a typical user would, paying great attention to the intricacies and nuances that might impact its efficacy.

We attempt to be upfront in our testing approach, including the techniques we employ to evaluate the product, any constraints we face, and the strengths and shortcomings we identify. So that our readers may comprehend how we arrived at our results, we present a thorough description of our testing procedure.

Our organization has a reputation for offering credible and trustworthy product reviews. We take great satisfaction in our work, and customers and industry professionals appreciate and rely on our reviews.

Overall, you can rely on our review to be honest, objective, and backed by extensive testing and examination. So that you may make an educated purchase decision, we offer an objective evaluation of the product, outlining both its merits and flaws.

How We Tested?

We would be pleased to explain how we tested the Cutco knife block.

First, we investigated the design and characteristics of the Cutco knife block, including the sorts of knives it could hold, the materials used in its construction, and the overall style and aesthetic of the product.

We utilized it as a typical user would, keeping a variety of knives in the block and analysing its ability to secure and organize them. We paid careful attention to the size and spacing of the slots to ensure that they could accept a variety of blades, from little paring knives to giant chef’s knives.

We also tested the knife block’s durability and construction, checking its stability and sturdiness to ensure that it could sustain regular usage and protect the blades from harm. In addition, we assessed the product’s usability and maintenance, such as how simple it was to clean and maintain the knife block over time.

We dedicated special attention to its safety measures, ensuring that the knives were secured and protected from accidental injury, and that the block was sturdy and would not topple over.

We are glad to inform that the Cutco knife block worked remarkably well after extensive testing. The block was sturdy and well-constructed, and it was capable of holding and protecting a variety of knives from harm. We enjoyed the safety precautions integrated into the design of the knife block, which we found to be simple to use and maintain.

Overall, we strongly suggest it to anybody seeking a high-quality, sturdy, and dependable knife storage option.

How We Picked

We would be delighted to explain how we chose the Cutco knife block for review.

We began by conducting comprehensive research on the most popular and highly rated knife blocks available on the market. We conferred with industry professionals, examined consumer evaluations, and investigated the features and specs of several knife blocks.

We chose it for evaluation based on a number of characteristics, including its reputation for quality, its distinctive appearance, and its popularity among customers. Cutco is a well-known and trusted brand in the culinary sector, and both professional chefs and home cooks evaluated its knife block highly.

We were also attracted to the distinctive design of the Cutco knife block, which boasts a honeycomb pattern and a slanted design that enables for the simple and secure storage of a broad variety of knives. We were interested by the possible advantages for users, such as easier access to knives and a decreased chance of unintentional accidents.

Due to its reputation for quality, unique design, and customer demand, we believed that the Cutco knife block would be an outstanding product to evaluate. We are certain that our testing and evaluation method will yield insightful information on the performance and efficacy of this product.

What to Look for When Buying a Cutco knife?

We would be delighted to offer advice on what to look for when purchasing a Cutco knife block.

Assess the quantity of knives you possess and make sure the knife block you select can hold them all. It is available in several sizes and capacities, so select the one that best meets your demands.

The knife block’s distinctive slanted form and honeycomb pattern enable for the safe and convenient storage of a broad variety of knives. Consider this design element before making a purchase, since it can improve knife accessibility and lessen the chance of unintentional injury.

Opt for a knife block constructed of high-quality materials, such as solid hardwood, which is noted for its durability and ability to endure frequent usage.

Look for a Cutco knife block that is well-built and solid, with a robust base that prevents it from toppling over. This is crucial for safety, since it can avoid unintentional accidents.

Look for a knife block with slots that are sufficiently large to accommodate a range of blades and are easy to access. It should be simple to clean and maintain over time, with no inaccessible crevices that might collect dirt and debris.

Look for a Cutco knife block with safety features, such as holes that keep knives securely and protect the blades, and a solid base that prevents the knife block from toppling over.

By examining the aforementioned characteristics, you can pick a Cutco knife block that meets your demands and delivers good performance and results.

Bottom Line

The Cutco knife block is an absolute must for everyone who owns Cutco blades. With a variety of configurations available, there is a knife block to match the requirements of each kitchen. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, you will love these knife blocks’ stylish style, practical functionality, and robust construction. In addition to protecting and organising your knives, they also give a sense of beauty to your kitchen. Overall, they are an excellent purchase for anybody seeking a high-quality, durable Cutco knife storage solution.

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