How to choose the best EDC knives?

Nothing can be contented, having the best EDC knives under 100.Without knowing the key factors which you should consider before purchasing, you cannot go on the right track.This kit is great for outdoor enthusiast, military, a tactical yet this can prepare food smartly, bush crafting or self-defense with important features.We tried to shorten the list which will not eat your time to read, but you can easily reach on the great item.For general use to heavy-duty tasks, you should consider  this given factors to most efficient EDC knives under $100. 

Size and weight

Whatever is the  types of  your  knife, size and weight comes first to makes it most user-friendly.At the time of EDC knives purchasing, you can be careless to pick the right size and perfect weight while you want to keep it with you every time whether traveling, outdoor tasking and more.A large and robust   knife size could be inconvenienced to any task or carry.So, pick a lightweight, compact and slim EDC knife to take utmost advantage of having this.As a most versatile EDC knife, you can choose this 3- 5 oz.

Blade length and shape

You should find your comfortable length of blade  depending on your task type.Whether you have very longer and shorter option, both have disadvantages. Here are the most important consideration before buying EDC knives.Picking an EDC between 2.5-4 inch long blade is the most functional.Though there are several options for blade shape, a drop point blade is the most popular choice for a long and easy to maintain cutting edge.For piercing task, this has is pointed.Harpoon,Leaf,Warncliffe and Tanto blade shape also good for EDC knives.

Blade steel

You do not want to invest money on EDC knives  frequently.To get rid of this choose a premium quality steel made blade while this effect on finally edge retention, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, cutting performance and finally durability.You can’t buy  too soft or hard materials which can bend or brittle after few months use.On the other hand, a knife needs sharping and high hardness makes it difficult to reshape.Yet, soft steel can ruin the edge of a knife easily.

Locking system

Folding EDC knives are a popular and handy choice.Without a sturdy lock mechanism, this could not be safe when you are cutting things.There are different types of locking system for EDC knives under.Among them, liner lock is very common for EDC knives.This lock is very sturdy and makes the opening of the knife easy.Lockback and frame lock also available in EDC knives.Like AXIS and Arc lock mechanism are some band specific locking system to feel you safer accessing them.

Handle materials

Handle plays a vital role to operate the knife conveniently.Durable material like steel, anodized aluminum, carbon fiber, wood or PVC are common choice for EDC knives.To pick the right handle while  you should find durable, comfortable and grippe one.G10 is the recommended handle types which are lightweight and good grip for usual and heavy tasks.Even you can safely access this with wet hands.


To make your list short and efficient, you can focus the style and purpose.If you make a list, what type of task your  EDC knives will do, you can pick the right one quickly.Through this list you also can find the blade type, size and other key factors without taking lots of research.

Local knife laws

Before choosing anything, you should know the legality size of the knife according to the law where you live.Overall length of the knife or blade size can be different up to various states.Don’t forget to check out this factor before any others given upper.