How to choose the perfect butterfly knife trainer?

Though there are unlimited things to look for in a knife trainer before buying, here we have discussed the most important facts that you cannot ignore while purchasing a new knife trainer. These are: 


It’s up to you what you prefer to use and feels comfortable in your hands. But here is a fact you must keep in mind, you have to check the legal restrictions in your area to keep a longer knife. Generally in our research, you will get around 8 to 9 inches, knife trainer. If you are going to use it for everyday functions or while traveling, you can choose a shorter one for easy carrying and doing amazing tricks effortlessly.    

Material and quality:

As the durability depends on the trainer’s material, make sure you are selecting a high-quality material used to build the knife trainer. At the end of the day, you must not want to blame yourself for getting a low-quality knife trainer. 


Most knife trainers come with mainly two types of construction, pin construction which doesn’t allow you to adjust the tightness of the handles and the other is screw construction which is opposite to pin construction which allows you to adjust the tightness. 


It’s a very important fact as heavy trainers are difficult to flip often while lightweight is easier to flip mostly for beginners. Moreover, it is tough to move and carry heavier trainers compared to lighter ones. The skeletonized design handle makes the item more light which is superb for flipping. 


In our reviews, we have collected all the knife trainers that are unsharpened. Most of them are designed not for sharpening but to give you a risk-free effortless flipping. For beginners, we highly suggest going for dull knife trainers.

Handle and Blade shape:

Actually, it depends on the user for what he/she is going to use it for. What mainly matters is the balance. You should want a perfectly balanced knife trainer depending on your comfort and hand size. The preferable shape usually varies from person to person. So, check what you need in your knife trainer. 


To enjoy flipping you have to examine the comfortability of the grip and handles. It’s a major part to check before buying your favorite knife trainer.

Legality aspect:

When you have enough money and other desired features in your hand, it is essential to check the local laws and rules for carrying or using a knife trainer if it allows you to own a knife trainer or not. 

Safety feature:

A knife trainer must contain a safety lock feature to open and close the blade securely which we have kept in mind when tasting various knife trainers and after ensuring that capacity we have collected here the safest among them. 

Price range:

Price is a very personal thing, but we have to take care of this issue while buying something. Definitely budget is the most important factor, you should want to get what you have paid for. If you are going to buy a cheap one, you are surely in danger, though sometimes we find expensive things in very cheap condition. So, check all the features and functions correctly, then conclude what you are going to pay for.