How to choose the perfect knife for camping and hiking

As you don’t go in any wrong way in a hurried way we provide you a buying guide even you are already reached in market, you can easily check out this must have consideration factors in your newly purchase.Of course this will be very effective if you no knowledge before reading this.So, without wasting time we should start to read the session to know them in detail.


Here is the most important consideration which related with knife durability and cutting performance.In this option stainless steel are very popular material with different grade.You should know the grade carefully while cast iron construction is more reliable for your functional and heavy duty pocket knife.What ever you are paying for this knife mainly holds up the steel quality and its long-lasting performance.So check the detail materials before purchase anything even from famous brands.

Blade design

Except the proper inquiry of a blade design able to learn about size, shape, bevel, taper which all are very impactful to their cutting experience and overall characteristics of your knife.In this case if we are talking about  knife for camping and hiking drop point which are excellent choice for this purpose.If you want to split wood or hard task go with full level knife confidently.

Handle design and materials

Ergonomic design is most recommended with soft grip.To ensure comfortable operation and non-slip handle grooved handle also can be chosen.Like blade material the handle material also important to consider for camping and hiking knife.Wooden handles are good choice with durability and aesthetic look.On the contrary synthetic handle also durable, well rugged and built to last choice.The combination of wooden and metal are also a great choice in any choice.

Serration area

To make your pocket knife more functional and profitable you must have serrations which can be efficient for cutting seat belt, sawing wood, cutting rope, bone and more.Even if you are to want to use this as tactical options serration is needed to feature in your camping knife.And most of the pocket knife designed with plain and serration provide tons of benefits of having this on your hand.

Weight and length

You can use the pocket knife for various purpose.While knife weight and length is a matter of thinking to increase its performance.When you are choosing heavy-duty one with up to 4 ounces.It won’t be effective when very light less than 2 ounces.Further more heavy one make difficulties to maintain in single hand.A folding camping knife is the most versatile one which won’t take lots of space even in your backpack and this comes mostly 6- 8 inches length together with blade and folding part.



Like other types of knife you need to consider a warranty feature for your camping and hiking knives.Knives with reliable materials  come with warranty policy to keep your purchase long-lasting. You need to inspect this matter when you are purchasing a new one.Different pieces come with various periodical warranties which also depend on price and brands.