How to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives required less sharping because of their construction from Zirconium Dioxide Ceramic and coating with diamond dust to make it razor sharp. But you need to know how to sharpen a ceramic as best knife also need care and sharping not to become dull. Like others knife ceramic one also need sharping to make smooth and faster when you are cutting something in the kitchen.

There are several reasons to choose a ceramic knife  replacing the steel such as lightweight, durability, anti corrosion and their sharpness is long-lasting. To cut vegetable thinner ceramic knives are unbeatable even they do not make  food brown color and effect on the taste of food.

So keep your food fresh for a long time a ceramic knife is always preferable for chefs. While you are cutting very soft fruits and vegetables these won’t create bruises or without reaction with acids and juice items.

Sharping a ceramic knife you can use diamond stone which is the most effective and faster method for how to sharpen a ceramic. While water stones and sandpaper also used to sharpen a ceramic blade.

We suggest to pic diamond stone over all the methods, but we described here all of them for your consideration as to which is best for you on availability and cost. While you can choose a sharpener to do the same task.


Can you sharpen your ceramic knife?

Yes. Through several easy methods you can sharpen your ceramic knife except sending to professional. The Main advantage of a ceramic knife is its less shaping because  of their balance construction even edge. When you pick diamond stone or water stone you need to be careful at the time of swiping and pressing because of  its brittleness.

Is it tricky to sharpen a ceramic knife?

A ceramic knife is much harder and convenient than a steel knife but brittle which demands more careful steps as less pressure, perfectly balance your hand movements. If you being very little careless to give pressurize on the blade snap in half. So you should keep your both hands over the blade as this did not give you the same spring or feedback motion as you expect from a steel knife.

Meanwhile, it is the grit that you have chosen to make your knife sharp with your precise movements. The process of sharping a ceramic knife is pretty tricky but not impossible and much time-consuming.

Methods of sharping a ceramic knife

We are presented with several popular methods to face how to sharpen a ceramic knife which is very simple step by step as we made this with proper guidelines for you. Anyone can follow this if he really wants to sharpen a ceramic knife securely. Let’s find out the method and their instruction:

  • Using a diamond stone
  • Using of electric sharpener
  • Using of tool sharpener
  • Using of sharping rod
  • Using of sandpaper

Each of the methods is described in below for making you as a master of sharping ceramic knife.

How can you use diamond stone to sharpen a ceramic knife?

This is the most picked idea to sharpen a ceramic knife. We suggest taking a diamond stone with 200,600,1000 and finally 1500 grit. Then use both hands on the blade and give gentle pressure on it with your fingers. The reason of doing this there is no scope to flex when you are sharping a ceramic knife, which is absolutely brittle so control of pressure and movements of the knife depends on your fingers.

Here you can enjoy complete freedom to move your hand in any direction as up or down this did not influence on the sharping. While taking them one   or downward it’s all about your preference but does your knife razor sharp effectively and faster only with nice and smooth swiping  while very slightly pressure id your only technique.

Ceramic knife are great to sharpen until you doesn’t give too much pressure on the blade like steel one. You should treat this as a glass made accessory. With single hand hold and straight positing can snap your new ceramic knife. So you should not do this never!

Notes: For new like sharping start with 200 grit. If your knife is not very dull you should skip this and move to 600 diamond grit diamond stone for making the knife sharp while it will not smooth it properly.  it passes into 1000 and 1500 grit your knife will be very start as professional level.

How can you sharpen a ceramic knife with sandpaper?

Sharping of ceramic knife with sand paper is easy and cheaper than other methods.But it will satisfy you with perfect sharpness.In this process you will need fine sandpaper and cutting board to all set.

Place sandpaper over a cutting board and put an of water to make it wet which is helpful to ceramic slides well to make your knife sharper with a wet edge. Remember one thing you should maintain a 20-degree angle when you are slicing the sandpaper smoothly, don’t create much pressure which breaks down your knife.

Keep continuing this swiping until to get your desired sharpness.Grinding both side   your ceramic knife with same step.After this take a paper to test its sharpness.Wipe all the dust which arise from sand paper and knife. Here you can change your sandpaper while you have to sharpen one side of the knife to ensure the best result.

Note: This process works as professional level sharping but takes a 

How can you sharpen a ceramic knife with tool sharpener?

Frankly speaking this method is not for several pieces but if you have a great collection of knives you can choose this as this sharping tool is costly.But it is faster and easier method which takes 2-3 minutes only.In this process you need to hold a sharper tool in the left hand and give 5t 6 time slide of your knife against this.Repeat this process for another side sharping.

After that, you should replace the abrasive belt to higher gilt to ensure a more sharp ceramic knife.And start sliding again for a second time, in this time set number of slide dependent knife dullness.You should absolutely mind this slide the blade left to right.

Do you sharpen a ceramic knife with electric sharpener?

People take electric sharpener as a smart and safe method for ceramic knife sharping.These have multi drawer to give more scope for different knives.Among these you can easily find diamond abrasive choice for best result.Plus, you can use them for both types of knife as ceramic and steel.

As a small kitchen appliance this saves your time while they come with various budget and size.Convenience equipped with their featured, simply insert your knife edge on the slot and pulling down 3 to 5 times if you have much dull in your knife.To test the sharpness of your knife cut a paper which it creates gaps again passing onto the machine several times to offer desired sharpness.

But there is  one drawback in this method you don’t get professional level sharping with this.Whether you are experience or not you can sharpen your ceramic, steel or serrated knife with this within minutes.

Note: Before sharping your knife read the manual which comes with them to prevent all unwanted accident 

How can you sharpen a ceramic knife with sharping rod?

There are fewer possibilities of bending in a ceramic knife while sharping rod means honing kit for your knife. using of these rods is pretty easy as holding it vertically or horizontally and strike this against with less or no pressure is not more than three times.

You can choose the ceramic one which is much harder and accurate for this task.If you really busy as don’t have time to sharpen your knife you can go with this method with helps you  to restore your ceramic knife from blunt condition.

Note: We suggest you to wear a hand gloves for your best safety.

Top tips for proper maintaining of ceramic knives

Ceramic knives do not rust long lasted while it was capable to slice thinner, but their brittleness to own self creates a problem when you want to sharp after long-termed use. If you be careful with it when you are using and sharping them you can prolong their lives with a smart cooking experience. Here are several tips for your ceramic knife:

  • Use wooden or plastic cutting rather than a glass one
  • Never use your knife to cut frozen foods or hard things
  • Don’t wash your ceramic knife with a dishwasher rather use your hands
  • Falling on the hard surface can damage it
  • Store them in a protective sleeve as this should not come in contact with other utensils
  • Keep clean your ceramic knives always
  • Don’t keep ceramic knives very close to the fire
  • Hold firmly when you are sharping this without much pressure.


Unlike a steel knife a ceramic knife is not give spring or feedback when you’re sweeping or sticking on the with sharping kits which makes the process of  how to sharpen a ceramic little tricky.While we make a straightforward guideline with clear steps makes very easy to you whether you are experienced or new.

As we researched a lot to give the best ideas about them, we can recommend you which may be helpful for you. If you want to keep your ceramic knife always sharp you should purchase electronic sharper which is super convenient and time-saving. But these are not great if you want professional-level sharping.

All the methods of us are proven and effective while it is your choice which you think best for you and your ceramic knife. Lastly, we can suggest one thing again don’t be rough towards the knife at the time of sharping.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.