How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife?

In your everyday task, a pocket knife is an exigent thing from preparing and eating food to self-defense. To keep your excellent performance of a pocket knife you need to know how to sharpen a pocket knife. While these are very simple to follow even take little time. These are the wonderful replacement safe option for a handy blade. And we are designs this writing all about to help you to keep your pocket knife in good condition.

Because of a pocket knife, everybody needs to carry this with them. For this reason, they did lots of things alter clothing or trimming cloth even slicing an apple and opening a can. While there are thousands of possibilities to damage their sharp blade. A sharping stone is the most effective way to restore the dull edge of this knife. Also, there are several objects which easier to get and everyday use can be a brilliant idea to sharpen your damaged edge of a pocket knife.

Luckily this comes with a shorter blade which provides enough storage space as its name suggests. Here we get together the easiest and handy objects with tips on how to sharpen a pocket knife to restore their versatility for out and indoor activity.


Why should keep your pocket knife sharp?

The blunt edge of your pocket knife is riskier when you want to cut them with great pressure. On the contrary sharp knife always stand as a functional tool. So with a sharp pocket knife, you are ready to face the difficulties of cutting, grabbing, tearing, pulling, and chewing things easily and immediately. But it is a thing of concern you should keep sharp the blade to do all these responsibilities. Sharping of your pocket knife is time and cost-saving but in return lots convenient.

What are you needed to sharpen your pocket knife?

If you are ready to sharpen your pocket knife with whetstone you should purchase it, online or near the shop. Aside from this, you can use sandpaper, a nail file, another knife, and other handy things to sharpen your pocket knife. We are presenting several ways included them choose one for you which is available to you.

Which is the most effective way to sharpen your pocket knife?

Whenever comes a question how to sharpen a pocket knife people or mind suggest you to sharpen the knife with a whetstone at home which is the primary but effective method for this task. Our research also recommends this as a vibrant among others. Frankly speaking, you can get razor-sharp in this process. Step for how to sharpen a pocket knife with a whetstone:

  • Choose the correct tools

The market is full of whetstone with varied size and quality, invest your money which is perfect for your knife design and size and long-lasting. Before purchase and use read manual to find the using as dry and wet use or required lubricant apply. As different types of tools are specialized for different types of knives as their sharping way also not alike.

  • Get ready your stone

If your stone needs lubricant to make it safer move and more sharpening pour a little amount of mineral oil on the stone. Here, do not need to drench it with oil but try to give a good layer of it. This step has several advantages as helps to the fastest to get out of metallic debris and heat-reducing when you are grinding and honing your blade.

  • Clean your knife

To make your sharping procedure more effective and fast if you start with a properly clean knife. You can use water and soap or mild detergent or dish wash to clean the residue like grease and other dirt. While toothbrush and nylon pad is helpful to do this safely. If you fail to remove any dirt from this it will take more attention when you are sharping them.

  • Identify the side of stone

This type of stone comes with two sides as coarse and fine. If you are a new one with this stone it could be very hard to get the coarse side where you start your sharpen first.While your fingernail can help you find the right side when you press with it on both sides and notice which side produces more marks on the stone.

  • Find your edge angle

The Manufacturer makes their knife with a little different edge to provide a unique look for variation. It is time to find the right edge and angle which make your knife sharp and active like a new one. In this case, the manual did help you find this correctly if you have not this one takes advice from a knowledgeable person and paint a sign to go the right way. It will be always favorable to maintain a 10 to15 degree angle between whetstone and your pocket knife. While few knives sharper took this angel to get the best result.

  • Start off the rough gilt 

Whenever you’re all prep is set, start to strike out with cougar gilt and create a new edge to keep the right angle. To continue the sweeping process more than eight times. Try to take a great angle which takes a little more time to make sharper but keeps them the same for a long time. It would be hard for you for the first time but after several times your hand will be adjusted with this chosen angle. Be careful when you are giving little pressure when you were continuing this process.

  • Sharpen the other side

Repeated the same process for the other side. You should clean the burr which created already. These could make you a bit uncomfortable when you flip the blade and swapping the other side. Takes less than 10 times to swipe like the last step while your knife was not very dull or damaged.

  • Take alternative strokes

The fine grit of this stone helps to provide your blade a smooth finish. In other words, we can say this step is honing the blade. These stocks need only 2 to 4 to remove successfully all the kinks as a genuine sharping finish of your knife.

  • Test your blade

To ensure basic sharping these steps are enough. But before finishing all these you should taste the sharpness of your knife. And to paper cutting taste is a reliable one without testing this. While you can taste them as a Roger shape option which the best sharpness.If your shaper pocket knife is not enough to face this challenge to repeat the process.

Other available objects to sharpen pocket knife:

You can achieve the same goal, how to sharpen a pocket knife without a stone. We are here offers you several ideas which are the fastest and easy to get your home. Have a swift glance over them to get your comfortable method on how to sharpen a pocket knife with household items:

Another Knife

It is hard to find a kitchen that has only one knife. So sharping of your pocket knife is fun with another as a steel rod for honing device. To make it fruitful use its flat back to second knife the spine to swipe until creating a sharp edge as honing steel do.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.