How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife?

If we asked what do you use a serrated knife for, make several appreciations of this knife as a cutting and slicing thing which have hard layers and top like bread or sandwich. How to sharpen a serrated knife comes in your mind when the edge of these gets dull. While best advantages comes with over straight blade which works effectively, faster and smoothly.

A serrated knife consists of varied sections of extremely sharp teeth on the edge. This blade is designed with two shapes as U and V series for longer and closer teeth arrangement. This will help while you are slicing onion or tomato in the same size with a clean line according to your dish presentation in an exact manner that you really desired.

Like serrated knife functionality sharping process also different from the flat knife times some folk considers to this tough we are saying this is very easy when you have clear guidelines which will provide in this article. So learn the technique and tips for how to sharpen a serrated knife at your home without consuming time through the rest of the writing.

Is a serrated knife required sharping?

Those are manufactured from high quality materials need manual sharping even after a long term use. But like plain knife it also lost its sharpness eventually, the sharping way is different from other types of knife. While most of the people prefer professional sharping or through them in garbage basket. While through investing of time and money to purchase a sharping tool you can easily sharpen your bread knife.

Benefits of sharping a serrated knife

Nothing can be incredible as sharpen serrated knife in your kitchen or breakfast table to prepare sandwiches or barbecue arrangement in outside with cutting tomato, cucumber vegetable or fruits. Their saw teeth are specialized with better grip for cutting the crusty bread or other tough food without consuming much pressure.That’s why chef or home cook takes them as a reliable part of your kitchen.

Methods of sharping a serrated knife 

In every kitchen there have a group of knives while at least one of them is a serrated knife.And we are here to give you a straightforward method as you don’t think restoring of  the serrate knife is not worth less or for such manual sharping you need not go professional even it’s you who is master of sharping a serrated knife.These are the methods of how to sharpen a serrated knife:


How can you sharpen a serrated knife with an electronic knife sharpener

To keep your kitchen more tidy and smart modern technology always provides time-saving and excellent items while electrical knife sharper one of them which plays a vital role to allow different series of knife for a particular purpose. Choose a serrate from a popular brand that has a dual capacity to sharpen flat and serrated knives.

Because of their lower amount of friction the tooth on the edge of the blade degrade slowly even after long termed use.But it lost its superb cutting capacity while this electrical sharping kit perform magically to restore within minutes.As your serrated knife to a really hard task smoothly you should pay minimal time which can be sharpened for rounds of the years for performing.

To give the value of purchase of a serrated knife you should have good knowledge  over how to sharpen a serrated knife with electronic  knife sharpener. These are the steps:

Step-1: Clean the knife 

It doesn’t matter which type of knife and what method is taking  you should take them clean with water and dish washing soap which saves your time and effort at the time of sweeping.Make it dry with wiping of  with kitchen towel

Step-2:Find serration space

In the serrated knife it is very easy to find the space where and serration is needed even how far apart they are for better result.If you once determined them successfully furthers step will be more delicate and easy.Meanwhile, make your knife spotless.

Step-3: Prep of the unit

Before going to the main task placement of the unit on a flat surface is a primary step undoubtedly.After that it turns to the plug in and power on.

Step-4: Make sharp your knife

Most of the electrical sharpener comes with three individual stage for distinctive purpose as one for dull condition second one for finer blade and last one for polishing task.Select slides and stage your need.You need to pass the blade heel to tip slowly but make confirm you are holding this down as wheels of the unit contact as they are abrasive properties for sharping your blunt knife.

Usually if your knife is good condition do not need to stock more than 2 for each side in total 4 times for

 Step-5: Test the knife:

After step 3 you should check its sharpness. Whether these could not provide desired sharpness run it through for more stocks while angle reminds the same to  sharpen.Net, your knife needs a final touch up as polishing stage with the specialized area. One more thing wash your knife with water before use.

How can you sharpen a serrated knife with a sharpening rod?

Ceramic honing rod or sharping rod  is a delicate way  while you which are considered  right tools for manually sharping of your serrated knife with the shape of rod which accurately fits on the serration. We here suggest you directly to use a ceramic rod rather than other as steel as these are harder which is really efficient to remove extensive blunt materials from the edge of the blade to provide sharping result.


Choose the right rod 

A sharping rod is ideal kits as varied types of serrated knife comes with different width of serration  in which this rod more appropriate to place and sharp the  knife than anything else.

Look the angle and place rightly

Finding of the right angle in a serrated knife is much easier while groups of serration visible in the bevel of the knife If your knife is perfectly clean and dry don’t be late to place the ceramic sharping rod in the gullet or small serration area.Mostly in this serrated grove flushing of the rod is easily which automatically match all the angle correctly.There is nothing difficulty simply drag the rod and flush on the serrated area.One more thing don’t be very harsh to set this which it can be slip and cut yourself badly.

Start sliding

Once you set the rod into the gullet make 3 to 5 slide or passes of the rod through the individual gullet.This helps to resharpen the teeth which allow cutting even hard item  as crusty bread and others smoothly. Competing time of this task depended on your amounts of gullet.

Give finishing with sharping stone

Whenever you have completed  this step is successfully done you need to move next as clean the burrs which originated at the time of sharping which sometimes can be attached on the knife those are very risky and hard to remove with hands.You can use the usual sharping stone for more finishing touch of your serrated knife.

Can you sharpen a serrated knife with sharpening stone?

Literally, you cannot sharpen your serrated knife with traditional whetstone or diamond stone because of their teeth. But these are a good choice to give an overall smooth edge and remove the burrs’ which comes at the time of sharping whether you this them with electrical sharpener of the ceramic sharping rod.

Tips for sharping serrated knife 

These tips are helpful when you set your mind to sharpen a serrated knife at home as a DIY project.

  • Wear hand gloves for your safety if you slip accidentally
  • Do not create much pressure when you are taking a slide
  • State your sharping process with a clean and dry knife
  • Maintain a good angle of 10 to 20 degree which helps you to get the best result
  • Try to take down way stock which makes good sharpen
  • Wash resharpen knife with water before using this again


We cannot deny the importance of a smooth serrated knife in our kitchen that why we researched on how to sharpen a serrated knife to learn you two best methods as you don’t be dependent on the professional investing dollars even do it yourself t home with  fewer tools which are cheap and functional for other task too.

Though most of the manufacturer claim your knife are need not sharping which is non-practical saying about a knife when it is used daily hundred types of hard things to cook and decoration. 

So restore the sharpness of your serrated knife with these two method which really worth the price of knife and tools.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.