What Knife Does John Wick Use?

John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, has captivated viewers worldwide with his remarkable combat skills and sleek weaponry. Fans ask, “What knife does John Wick use?” In this extensive piece, we’ll examine John Wick’s unique knives from the movies. Prepare to learn about these deadly weapons and this legendary assassin’s weaponry.

John Wick’s Blades: A Symbol of Lethality

John Wick’s weapons have stories. Fans love his knives despite his firearms. These blades are deadly weapons and symbols of his skill, precision, and drive. Let’s examine John Wick’s amazing knives.

The Continental: A Hub for Assassins

In John Wick, a prominent action film franchise, assassins gather at the Continental. It is an elite global hotel network. It’s not simply a hotel—it’s a neutral region for hired killers, offering them a safe sanctuary and specialized services.

The Continental, run by the High Table, has rigorous restrictions for assassins. The ban on hotel “business” is significant. The Continental’s no-kill policy ensures guests’ safety.

The Continental offers assassins discrete rooms, specialized conveniences, and a wealth of resources. Hired killers congregate, share information, and transact there.

The hotel’s “concierges” are well-versed in assassination and can arrange equipment, transportation, and assassin introductions.

The Continental also uses “gold coins.” The assassin community prefers these money for payment. Assassins worldwide value these Continental-only coins.

The Continental doesn’t care about reputation or allegiance, despite its exclusivity. Assassins can stay at the hotel and use its services if they follow the rules and keep the peace.

Breaking the restrictions can result in being “excommunicado” and losing Continental services and safeguards.

In the John Wick universe, the Continental’s luxury, discretion, and rigorous restrictions have made it a symbol of the assassin underworld. It depicts the convoluted world of hired killers, who balance survival and morality.

The Tanto: A Versatile Blade

What Knife Does John Wick Use?
The Tanto A Versatile Blade

Tantos are multipurpose blades with a long history. The Tanto, a Japanese knife or short sword, is unique.

Tantos had straight, single-edged blades with sharp points. Its form permitted precise and strong thrusting assaults, making it ideal in close-quarter combat.

Samurai warriors employed it as a backup sword to the katana because its design and sharpness were optimized for armor penetration.

The Tanto’s practicality and adaptability made it useful beyond warfare. It was used to cut, carve, and cook. High-quality steel strengthened the blade, and Tanto-making was highly regarded.

In Japanese culture, the Tanto was useful and symbolic. It was a prestige symbol with complex and ornamental fittings that showed off the swordsmith’s and hilt and scabbard makers’ skills. Tantos were utilized in rituals and as symbols of honor and loyalty.

Tantos are still valued for their versatility. Its design adapts to different needs. Modern Tanto blades may have a curved edge or a serrated handle for increased functionality. Some use stainless steel or carbon fiber for durability and performance.

Japan’s Tanto is known worldwide as a durable and effective blade. Martial artists, knife lovers, and collectors worldwide love it. Self-defense and tactical applications value its compact size, penetrating capabilities, and sturdy build.

The Tanto symbolizes craftsmanship and functionality, whether for its history, practicality, or beauty. People interested in bladesmanship and Japanese culture are drawn to its adaptable design and rich history.

The Karambit: An Unconventional Choice


The Karambit shows John Wick’s preference for unconventional weapons. This Southeast Asian blade has a lovely tiger claw motif.

The Karambit is ideal for close-quarters combat due to its ability to slash or hook. John Wick adds panache and fatality to his already impressive combat repertoire by mastering this unique knife.

The Bowie Knife: A Classic Option

John Wick sometimes prefers traditional weapons like the Bowie knife. This strong blade honors Jim Bowie with a clip point and a solid design. John Wick can count on the Bowie knife when he needs a reliable weapon.

The Combat Knife: Precision and Power


John Wick’s combat knife is unmatched in precision and power. The battle knife represents strategic warfare with its durable and keen cutting edge. Its ergonomic handle and broad blade increase cutting precision and thrusting ability.

John Wick’s combat knife is an indispensable tool, able to silently remove opponents or participate in adrenaline-fueled hand-to-hand battle.

Questions (FAQs)

John Wick’s preferred knife?

John Wick uses the Tanto knife throughout the films. Its compact size, excellent piercing, and slicing make it a versatile close-quarters combat instrument.

John Wick’s knives—real or fictional?

The knives John Wick uses are authentic and chosen for their functionality and aesthetics. To make action scenes more realistic, the filmmakers choose genuine blades.

John Wick’s knife carry.

John Wick carries knives in shoulder holsters, covert sheaths, and clothing pockets. These setups enable combat-ready access to his blades.

John Wick’s knives—legal?

John Wick’s knives’ legality varies per jurisdiction. Movies may depict firearms that violate local laws. Always follow your local knife laws.

Can I learn John Wick knife skills?

John Wick’s stylized and choreographed knife techniques can be used for self-defense. Attending respected martial arts or self-defense lessons can teach you vital skills.

John Wick uses knives and what else?

John Wick is known for his knife and gun skills. He uses handguns, shotguns, and rifles to kill his enemies throughout the flicks.


In conclusion, John Wick’s knives in the films are deadly weapons and symbols of his ruthlessness and determination. Each blade in this legendary character’s arsenal shows the care and attention to detail that goes into making it.

Understanding John Wick’s knives enhances his amazing exploits, whether you like the movies or just like bladed fighting.

In real life, safety and knife laws must be prioritized. Consider taking self-defense lessons from professionals.

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