What Knife Do Navy SEALs Use?

Navy SEALs are revered among elite military units. These highly trained personnel have extraordinary skills, unflinching fearlessness, and the capacity to conquer the most difficult conditions.

A common query is, “What knife do Navy SEALs use?” In this detailed overview, we will explore SEAL knives, their history, and the top picks of these elite soldiers.

What Knife Do Navy SEALs Use?

Navy SEALs’ favoured knife intrigues enthusiasts and aspiring soldiers. The renowned Gerber Mark II is the answer. SEALs still need this knife.

The Gerber Mark II is built for combat and survival with its toughness, adaptability, and reliability. It’s no wonder Navy SEALs choose it for their tough operations.

Features of the Gerber Mark II

What Knife Do Navy SEALs Use?
Features of the Gerber Mark II

Several qualities make the Gerber Mark II a powerful knife. Let’s examine its main traits:

Double-edged Blade: The Gerber Mark II has a 6.5-inch stainless steel blade with a serrated hilt. Dual edges allow thrusting and slashing in combat.

Full Tang Construction: The blade goes through the handle for strength and durability. Full tang construction makes the Gerber Mark II durable.

Anodized Aluminum Handle: The Gerber Mark II’s anodized aluminium handle is lightweight but strong. In high-pressure conditions, ergonomics improve handling and control.

Guard and Pommel: A metal guard between the blade and handle prevents the hand from slipping on the blade during fighting. The pommel can also smash glass or strike.

Nylon Sheath: The Gerber Mark II has a sturdy nylon sheath for storage and access. The belt loop lets SEALs carry their blades at all times.

History of the Gerber Mark II


The Gerber Mark II fighting knife is legendary in edged weapon history. The 1966 Gerber Mark II, designed by Bud Holzman, became a legendary knife for military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Holzman’s WWII paratrooper exploits and knife design passion inspired the Gerber Mark II. He intended to make a utilitarian and close-quarters fighting knife. A double-edged dagger blade resulted.

High-carbon stainless steel makes the Gerber Mark II’s 6.5-inch (16.5 cm) blade durable and corrosion-resistant. The diamond-shaped blade features two strong cutting edges and a central spine. This fighting concept permitted stabbing and slashing.

Gerber Mark II handles are distinctive. Cast aluminium grip with finger guard and pommel. The handle is pleasant and solid for accurate control.

The Gerber Mark II became popular in the late 1960s and 1970s thanks to American soldiers using it in Vietnam. Military personnel and collectors valued its reliability and durability as a combat knife.

Gerber Legendary Blades, the knife’s manufacturer, tweaked the Mark II throughout time. Blade serration patterns, handle materials, and sheath designs changed. Despite these changes, the Gerber Mark II retained its basic design and purpose.

The Gerber Mark II is still made and revered for its history, craftsmanship, and military heritage. It proves that a well-designed fighting knife has a place in edged weapon history.

Navy SEAL Knife FAQs

Why do Navy SEALs favour Gerber Mark II?

Navy SEALs appreciate the Gerber Mark II for its reliability, durability, and versatility in warfare and survival. Their missions suit the knife’s double-edged blade, full tang design, and ergonomic handle.

Navy SEALs use other knives?

Navy SEALs also like other knives besides the Gerber Mark II. Benchmade SOCP Dagger. This lightweight, 3.22-inch double-edged dagger is built for close-quarters combat. SEALs in small locations like its basic design and specialised sheath.

Can I buy the Gerber Mark II privately?

The Gerber Mark II is for sale. Collectors and military personnel alike consider it a legendary knife. Before buying, check local blade length and carry rules.

Navy SEAL gear and equipment—where can I learn more?

Several reliable sources cover Navy SEAL gear and equipment beyond knives. The official U.S. Navy SEALs website gives thorough information about their equipment, training, and deployments.

Tactical gear forums and military gear websites can provide expert and enthusiast insights.

Knife-fighting training for Navy SEALs?

Navy SEALs train extensively in knife combat. They are trained in close-quarters warfare and knife fighting to use knives safely and efficiently on missions.

EDC with the Gerber Mark II?

The Gerber Mark II is built for war and survival, but some people carry it daily. Its size and weight may make it less suitable for daily chores than smaller folding knives or EDC multi-tools.


The Gerber Mark II is the Navy SEALs’ signature knife. These top warriors love its design, toughness, and versatility. However, Navy SEALs use other knives like the Benchmade SOCP Dagger for certain operations.

Understanding Navy SEALs’ knife choices will help you comprehend their missions and the weapons they use, whether you’re a collector, military enthusiast, or tactical knife aficionado.

The Gerber Mark II and other knives represent Navy SEALs’ dedication, resourcefulness, and proficiency.

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