What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Illinois: A Comprehensive Guide

Know Illinois’ knife size laws. To prevent legal issues, knife aficionados, experts, and common people must know the laws. This article answers often asked issues and clarifies Illinois’ permitted knife carry size.

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Illinois?

Illinois knife carry laws, as of September 2021, are:

Knives under 3 inches long are permitted in Illinois. Weapons with blades over 3 inches are regulated more strictly. However, local legislation may vary, so check your city or county’s laws for additional restrictions.

Always check the latest statutes or consult a lawyer to guarantee accuracy and compliance with current laws.

Knife Size Restrictions in Illinois

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Illinois
Knife Size Restrictions in Illinois

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are used for everyday use and self-defense. Illinois allows pocket knives with blade length limitations. Legal pocket knives have a 3-inch blade.

Fixed-blade Knives

Illinois regulates the size of fixed-blade knives used for camping and hunting. Fixed-blade knives with blades under 5 inches are legal in the state. For legality, these knives must be carried openly.

Switchblade Knives

Automatic knives, often known as switchblade knives, may quickly deploy the blade using a switch. Switchblade knives are illegal in Illinois, with some exceptions. Switchblade knife sales, purchases, and possession are strictly regulated and may result in legal consequences.

Butterfly Knives

Butterfly knives, also known as balisongs, are opened and closed by flipping the handles around the blade’s tang. Butterfly knives and balisongs are illegal in Illinois. Regardless of length, these blades are unlawful.

Limited Knives

Illinois also bans ballistic knives, brass knuckles, and throwing stars. These weapons are illegal and hazardous.

Illinois Knife Carry FAQ

Illinois allows self-defense knives.

Knives can be carried in Illinois, but not for self-defense. Knives should be carried for utility or occupational objectives, not just self-defense.

Is knife carry restricted in specific areas?

Schools, government offices, airports, and public transportation facilities have knife bans. Avoid legal complications by learning each location’s rules.

Illinois allows concealed knives.

Only licenced concealed carriers can carry blades in Illinois. Without a licence, carry knives openly and in plain sight.

Illinois knife carry age limits?

Illinois has no knife-carrying age. However, under-18s carrying knives at school or other age-restricted venues may encounter further scrutiny or restrictions.

Illinois allows vehicle knife carry.

Answer: Illinois allows automobile knives. However, conceal carry rules may be violated if the knife is accessible from the driver’s seat. While travelling, keep knives in a closed glove compartment, trunk, or other secure location.

Illinois knife carry penalties?

Illinois knife carry fines depend on the circumstances and severity of the offence. Carrying a forbidden weapon or concealing a legal knife can lead to misdemeanour prosecution, fines, and jail time. Following the law prevents legal issues.


Residents and visitors must understand Illinois knife size laws. Follow the state’s knife carry laws to avoid legal complications. Know the rules for each knife type and any local restrictions. Prioritise safety, legality, and knife use.

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