What Knife to Cut Chicken?

Knowing which chicken-cutting knife to use is crucial while cooking chicken. A good knife simplifies the process and provides clean, precise cuts, improving dish presentation and taste.

This detailed tutorial will cover chicken-cutting knives and offer recommendations on choosing the perfect one.

Why is Choosing the Right Knife Important? 

Chicken-cutting knives are important for several reasons. It ensures precise cuts and prevents meat from tearing. A sharp knife lets you slice chicken evenly.

Using the appropriate knife reduces accidents and injuries. A dull or inadequate knife increases the danger of slippage, which can lead to culinary accidents. Work confidently and safely by using the right knife.

What to Consider When Selecting a Knife for Cutting Chicken 

What Knife to Cut Chicken?
Knife for Cutting Chicken

Before exploring chicken-cutting knives, consider these factors:

Blade Material: Choose durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades. Stainless steel blades make cleaning easier.

Blade Length: For chicken, 6–8 inches is good. This range is long enough to cut meat without being burdensome.

Ergonomic Handle: Choose a knife with a comfortable grip. Rubber or textured plastic handles improve safety.

Weight and Balance: Choose a well-balanced knife. The blade and handle should be balanced to improve control and reduce hand fatigue.

Sharpness: Clean cutting requires a sharp knife. Choose knives with sharp edges that can be sharpened quickly.

Deboning, filleting, and slicing: Choose a versatile knife. A multipurpose knife simplifies your kitchen tools.

Types of Knives for Cutting Chicken 


Chef’s Knife: The chef’s knife can cut chicken and other foods. It slices easily and precisely with a broad blade and sharp tip. It works for chickens of any size because to its 6–10-inch blade.

Boning Knife: This thin, flexible blade removes poultry bones easily. The small, curved blade cuts around bones precisely, minimizing meat waste. This knife is great for bone-in chicken meals and deboning whole chickens.

Serrated Knife: Bread knives, or serrated knives, are not ideal for cutting chicken. It can cut cooked chicken with a crispy skin or crust. The serrated edge grips meat and prevents ripping for clean, uniform cuts.

Poultry Shears: These scissors chop chicken and other poultry. They are used for spatchcocking and cutting fat. Poultry shears are precise and controllable.

Cleaver: A cleaver has a thick, strong blade. It works well for splitting chicken carcasses and chopping bones, but not for precision cutting. For these tougher tasks, the cleaver’s weight and size offer the force.

Utility Knife: A utility knife is a smaller chef’s knife with a 4–6-inch blade. It slices boneless chicken breasts and other chicken parts. Its small size and versatility make it ideal for kitchen use.


Which Knife Cuts Raw Chicken Best?

Chef’s knives cut raw chicken finest. Its sharp blade and flexible design make cutting fresh chicken easy. For maximum control and maneuverability, use a 6–8-inch blade knife.

Serrated Knives for Cooked Chicken?

Serrated knives may cut cooked chicken. The serrated edge grips meat and prevents ripping for clean, uniform cuts. To avoid excessive shredding, chill the chicken somewhat before shredding.

Which Knife Removes Chicken Bones?

Chicken bones are best removed using a boning knife. Its small, flexible blade cuts around bones precisely, reducing meat waste.

The sharp edge and narrow profile help separate meat from bones for clean cuts and precise deboning.

Does Chicken Need a Boning Knife?

If you cut whole birds or bone-in chicken pieces often, a boning knife is advised. Boning knives are thin and flexible, making them easier to maneuver and remove bones.

If you mostly cook boneless chicken or want a multifunctional knife, a chef’s knife or utility knife will work.

Chicken Breast Knife: Which One?

Chef’s or utility knives cut chicken breasts. These multipurpose knives slice boneless chicken breasts cleanly and evenly. For control and convenience of use, choose a 6–8-inch knife.


To chop chicken cleanly and enjoyably, choose the proper knife. Each sort of knife—chef’s, boning, serrated, or poultry shears—has its own benefits. Choose a knife based on blade material, length, handle design, and sharpness.

Keep your knife sharp and well-maintained. After each usage, handwash and dry it, hone the blade, and have expert sharpening as needed. With the right knife and attention, you can easily cut chicken and make wonderful dinners.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.