What Is a Tracker Knife?

Tracker knives are crucial for survival gear and outdoor lovers. Tracker knives—what are they? What distinguishes it from other knives? This page covers tracker knives’ history, design, applications, and more. This article will teach you about tracker knives, whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or a novice.

What Is a Tracker Knife?

See, a tracker knife is a unique tool that combines the functions of a knife, hatchet, and spear into a single, versatile package. This innovative knife, created by Gil Hibben, became famous after appearing in the 1987 film “Predator.”

Tracker knives are the go-to tool for brave adventures, avid hunters, and bushcrafters because of their intentional design.

The Distinctive Design of a Tracker Knife

Tracker knives are unique. Its broad, curving blade progressively narrows towards the point. The blade’s back often has grooves or jimping to improve grip and control. Finger grooves and textured grips make the handle ergonomic. For durability, the blade’s tang, which extends into the handle, is usually full.

The History of Tracker Knives

Tracker knives’ fascinating history is essential to understanding their value. In the late 1970s, bladesmith Gil Hibben invented the tracker knife. He designed a tracking knife inspired by classic bowie knives. The tracker knife’s design was refined and popularised by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in “Predator,” who carried one.

Why Choose a Tracker Knife?

What Is a Tracker Knife?
Choose a Tracker Knife

Outdoor Flexibility

Outdoor enthusiasts select tracker knives for their versatility. Tracker knives excel in survival conditions because of their design. Tracker knives can cut through thick materials, carve wood, prepare food, and even protect oneself. Its sharp blade, strong design, and ergonomic grip make it a versatile tool.

Bushcraft, Survival

Survivalists and bushcrafters value tracker knives for their versatility. They are useful for refuge, fire, game processing, and difficult terrain. Outdoor excursions benefit from tracker knives’ durability and adaptability.

How to Choose the Right Tracker Knife


To get the appropriate tracker knife for your needs, consider numerous criteria. Key points:

Blade Construction

Tracker knives should have tough blades. Carbon or stainless steel are popular options, each having their own benefits. The blade should be corrosion-resistant and heat-treated.

Ergonomic Handles

Tracker knives need ergonomic handles for extended use. Find a handle that fits comfortably and grips securely, even in damp or slippery situations. Finger grooves and textured grips improve control and prevent hand fatigue.

Blade Size

Your use will determine blade length and form. Shorter blades are excellent for detailed cutting and carving, while longer blades are good for chopping and batoning. Tracker knives’ curved blades allow for various cutting motions, making them perfect for outdoor work.

Carrying and Sheath Quality

Tracker knives must have a good sheath. Look for a leather or Kydex sheath with a sturdy knife holding system. Depending on your preference and use, consider belt loops, MOLLE attachments, or lanyard holes.

The Cost

When buying a tracker knife, consider your budget. It’s tempting to get the cheapest tracker knife, but a higher-quality one will last longer. Find a quality-to-cost ratio that meets your needs.

Tracker Knife FAQs

What distinguishes tracker knives?

Tracker knives are remarkable because they combine the functions of a hatchet, spear, and knife. Survival scenarios call for its curved blade, ergonomic handle, and multi-purpose functions.

Tracker knives for self-defense?

Tracker knives can defend yourself. Its solid build, keen blade, and versatility make it a reliable emergency personal protection item.

Tracker knives for hunting?

Hunters can use tracker knives. It can be used for pitch dressing, skinning and preparing game.

Beginner tracker knives?

Beginners can use tracker knives with correct handling and safety. Start with smaller activities to learn the knife’s capabilities for safe and successful use.


Finally, tracker knives are useful for hunters, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Its knife, hatchet, and spear design makes it versatile.

Tracker knives can be customised by blade material, handle style, and usage. Be safe and observe knife carry laws. With a good tracker knife, you can tackle any outdoor expedition.

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