What Is Cleaver Knife Used For?

Chefs need knives. The cleaver knife is multipurpose. “What is a cleaver knife used for?” is the proper question. This guide covers cleaver knife applications, design, and why it’s a kitchen essential.

What Is a Cleaver Knife?


Cleaver knives are heavy, broad-bladed kitchen knives. Its spine is thick and bevelled. Cleaver knives have robust handles and rectangular blades that taper to a sharp tip.

Kitchen cleavers are used for chopping and cutting. Its weight and thickness offer strong strokes, making it ideal for cutting bones and tough meat. The cleaver knife cuts cleanly.

High-carbon stainless steel cleavers are durable, corrosion-resistant, and sharp. Full tang cleaver knives have blades that run the length of the handle, adding strength and balance.

Cleaver knives can be used for more than just meat preparation. It can chop, slice, crush garlic and spices, and open hard-shelled nuts and shellfish.

Cleaver knives are valued for their strength, durability, and versatility in the kitchen. A cleaver knife can improve your cooking experience, whether you’re a chef or a home cook.

What Is Cleaver Knife Used For?

What Is Cleaver Knife Used For?
Cleaver Knife Used

Chopping Bones: Cleaver knives are designed to easily cut bones. Its thick, hefty blade cuts through huge meat, poultry, and fish. The cleaver knife’s weight and sharpness make it easy to chop bones while dividing chickens, ribs, or fish.

Meat Preparation: Cleaver knives excel at meat preparation. It easily cuts connective tissues, joints, and fat. The cleaver knife’s weight and precision make it a favourite tool for meat lovers and cooks.

Vegetable Cleaving: The cleaver knife may also cut vegetables. Its wide blade crushes garlic, ginger, and lemongrass. It chops cabbage, melons, and squash cleanly and evenly.

Precision Slicing: The cleaver knife can slice precisely when needed. It can slice vegetables, fruits, and delicate herbs with skill. The large blade slices produce evenly without tearing or crushing it.

Crushing Spices: The cleaver knife is great for crushing whole spices like peppercorns, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds if you grind them yourself. When rocked, the broad blade can quickly pulverise spices, releasing their aromatic oils and flavours.

Tenderising Meat: The cleaver knife’s weight and blunt edge helps tenderise tougher meat. Pounding the meat with the broad side of the blade breaks down thick muscle fibres, making it more soft and delicious.

Nuts and Shellfish: Hard-shelled nuts and shellfish are difficult to open. Cleaver knives can easily open coconuts, lobsters, crabs, and other shellfish. Its broad blade breaks tough exteriors.

Cleaver Knife FAQs

Cleaver knives for frozen food?

Cleaver knives are sturdy, however they shouldn’t be used on frozen food. Frozen food’s excessive hardness can dull the blade. Cutting frozen foods requires a meat cleaver or serrated knife.

Filleting fish with a cleaver?

Filleting with a cleaver knife may not be ideal. A thinner, more flexible fillet knife improves precision and flexibility. A cleaver knife can still be used to chop fish into larger pieces or remove heads, tails, and fins.

How do I sharpen a cleaver?

Maintaining and sharpening your cleaver knife is essential. Wash and dry the knife to avoid rust. Avoid abrasive cleaners and dishwashers. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, sharpen the blade using a stone or rod.

Can a cleaver replace a chef’s knife?

Cleaver knives and chef’s knives do similar duties, although they have different objectives. Chef’s knives are better for mincing and slicing. Chopping bones and tough flesh requires a cleaver knife. To cook well, you need both knives.

Can a cleaver knife slice hard veggies like butternut squash?

Absolutely! Cleaver knives are great for slicing butternut squash and pumpkin because of their weight and sharpness. With a firm grip and controlled strokes, you can easily cut these difficult veggies, speeding up cooking.


Cleaver knives are versatile and necessary culinary tools. It can chop bones, prepare meat, slice vegetables, and crush spices because to its sturdy design, sharp blade, and weight. A cleaver knife can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

When you wonder, “What is a cleaver knife used for?” remember its versatility and importance in the culinary industry.

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