What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Florida?

Knowing Florida’s knife laws is crucial. Florida’s knife size and limitations are unclear to many. This comprehensive guide will explain Florida knife regulations and help you comply with them. If you’re curious about Florida knife laws, keep reading.

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Florida?

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Florida?
Knife is Legal to Carry in Florida 2

Florida’s knife laws vary by knife type and size. As of my understanding cutoff in September 2021, Florida law allows most sorts of knives, including folding knives, pocket knives, and hunting knives, without size restrictions. Some restrictions apply:

Switchblade knives: Switchblade blades, regardless of blade length, are banned in Florida.

Balisong knives: Balisong knives, sometimes known as butterfly knives, are lawful to own in Florida, however concealed carry in public may be restricted.

Certain locations: Schools, government facilities, courthouses, and airports prohibit carrying knives, even in Florida.
To comply with current knife legislation, check Florida state laws or consult a lawyer.

What is the Legal Terminology

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Questions (FAQs)

Florida allows switchblades?

Florida allows switchblade knives. Florida law allows concealed switchblades for self-defense.

Florida bans any knives?

Florida bans certain knives. Ballistic, undetectable, and cane swords are examples. Such blades are illegal to possess.

Florida knife self-defense?

Florida allows self-defense knives. Remember to use the knife carefully and legally.

Florida allows hunting and fishing knives.

In Florida, you can carry a hunting or fishing knife for its intended usage. Outdoor enthusiasts utilize these knives for personal use.

Florida knife carry age limits?

Knife carrying is not age-restricted in Florida. However, police may investigate kids carrying blades. Parents should supervise minors who carry knives and make sure they understand the risks.


Finally, Florida residents and visitors must know the authorized knife sizes. There is no maximum blade length for open carry, however it is necessary to practice caution and not use the knife illegally.

As long as the knife is not illegal or in a forbidden category, there is no maximum blade length for concealed carry. However, educate yourself with legal language and local constraints.

Use knives properly and safely. For particular advice about carrying a knife in Florida, see a lawyer.

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