What is a Balisong Knife?

Knives come in several styles. Butterfly knives, or balisong knives, are intriguing. With its distinctive features and captivating flipping techniques, this folding knife has attracted collectors worldwide. This guide covers balisong knives’ history, manufacturing, legality, and flipping tricks. Let’s discover balisong knives’ mysteries.

What is a Balisong Knife?

The Balisong Knife is a folding knife with two handles connected by a pivot pin that hides the blade. The blade is opened by expertly manipulating the handles.

“Balisong” comes from the Tagalog phrase “baling sungay” meaning “horn that is broken” or “horn that is bent,” referring to the knife’s horn-shaped handles.

The History of Balisong Knives

What is a Balisong Knife?
History of Balisong Knives

The balisong knife has a rich history in the Philippines, an enchanting archipelago. According to history, this beautiful blade was designed to meet the needs of hardworking farmers and skilled fisherman.

Its multifunctional design allowed for rope cutting, delicate food preparation, and self-defense. The balisong knife became a symbol of Filipino heritage and ethics over time.

Construction of Balisong Knives


Balisong knives are handcrafted and meticulously detailed. These knives have a blade, handles, and pivot mechanism. High-quality stainless steel or carbon steel is used to make the durable and sharp blade. Wood, bone, or horn handles provide a nice grip and balance the knife.

Titanium and G-10 composite handles are also popular because to their durability and aesthetics.
Balisong knives open and close smoothly due to the pivot mechanism. These knives use sandwich, channel, and Zen pin pivots. Each mechanism provides a distinct flipping experience.

Legal Status of Balisong Knives


Balisong knives are permitted in different countries and states. Due to its risk of misuse and flipping motion, balisong knives are banned in some areas. In other places, they can be owned and carried with restrictions.

Before buying or carrying a balisong knife, learn your local laws. Avoid legal issues by prioritizing safety and knife ownership.

Popular Flipping Tricks and Techniques 

Introduction: Zen Rollover

Balisong knife flipping begins with the Zen rollover. Turning the knife around the index finger opens it. This trick may be done smoothly with repetition, preparing you for more difficult moves.

Aerials: 8-Ball

The balisong knife flipper does a stunning airborne manoeuvre behind the 8-Ball. In this trick, the knife is thrown into the air and rotated before being caught and closed. It needs perfect timing and hand-eye coordination.

Manipulations: Chaplin

The balisong knife is flipped and controlled in the Chaplin move. The knife swirls and rotates around the hand, showing the flipper’s control. It’s a stunning trick.

Latch Drop

The latch drop closes the balisong knife flipping sequence elegantly. The flipper drops the latch and lets it fall before catching it and closing the knife. It adds flair to the act.

Balisong knife fans have invented innumerable tricks and tactics. The only limits are imagination and passion to balisong flipping.

Balisong Knives FAQs

Is carrying balisong knives legal?

Balisong knives aren’t legal anywhere. To avoid legal difficulties, research your local balisong knife legislation.

Can novices flip balisongs?

Absolutely! Balisong flipping involves skill and patience, although beginners can start with basic tricks and develop to more sophisticated manoeuvres. Start with training knives or experienced flippers and prioritize safety.

Balisong knife materials?

Balisong knives come in many materials. The handles can be wood, bone, horn, titanium, or G-10 composite, but the blades are usually stainless steel or carbon steel. Durability, aesthetics, and personal preference determine materials.

Balisong knives: customizable?

Many balisong knife fans customize their knives by adding handle scales, modifying blade forms, or improving pivot mechanics. Any changes must comply with local legislation.

Balisong knives for self-defense?

Balisong knives are used for self-defense, not combat. Before using a balisong knife for self-defense, get training and know the laws.

Famous balisong knife producers or brands?

Yes, some balisong knife manufacturers are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Benchmade, BRS (Bladerunners Systems), Microtech, and Squid Industries are examples.

Balisong knives are available where?

Online and offline knife merchants sell Balisong knives. The retailer must follow local balisong knife sales and shipping rules.


The butterfly knife, or balisong knife, has a fascinating history and unusual flipping action. From its Philippine beginnings to its popularity among knife lovers worldwide, the balisong knife has captivated many.

The balisong knife is intriguing for flippers and knife lovers alike. However, you must know your local balisong knife rules and emphasize safety. Explore balisong knives, practice flipping, and admire their artistry and craftsmanship.

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