Knife Handle Pins – New Way to Safely Attach Knives to Handles

Chefs rely on knives. The handle’s design and manufacturing can affect a knife’s performance as much as its blade. Knife handle pins are a safer and more secure alternative to rivets or screws for attaching handles to blades. This article discusses why knife handle pins should be considered when buying a kitchen knife.

What are Knife Handle Pins?

Knife handle pins connect the blade and handle. Knife handle pins fit snugly into the handle and blade tang, unlike rivets or screws. Stainless steel, brass, or copper pins exist in various sizes and forms.


The Benefits of Knife Handle Pins

Knife handle pins have many advantages:

Increased Durability

Knife handle pins outlast rivets and screws. The pins keep the handle from loosening.

Better Balance

Knife handle pins increase balance. Pins put straight into the blade’s tang assist disperse weight, making the knife more balanced.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Knife handle pins are ornamental. They enable for knife customization and personalization.

Types of Knife Handle Pins

Knife handle pin types include:

Mosaic Pins

Brass, copper, and stainless steel mosaic pins are ornamental. They enhance bespoke knives’ handles.

Corby Bolt

Corby bolts are threaded two-piece pins. They fit larger knives snugly.

Loveless Bolts

Epoxy bonds loveless bolts to handles. They secure special knives.

How to Install Knife Handle Pins

Easy knife handle pin installation. The steps:

  • Drill the handle and blade tang.
  • Pin the blade handle and tang.
  • File pins flush with the handle.
  • Handle sanding and finishing.


Knife handle pins make blade-handle attachment safer and more secure. Durability, balance, and aesthetics improve. Mosaic, Corby, and Loveless bolts are knife handle pins. Installing knife handle pins at home is easy with the appropriate equipment. Consider knife handle pin benefits and kinds when buying a kitchen knife.


1. Are knife handle pins better than traditional rivets or screws?

Knife handle pins are stronger and more balanced than rivets or screws.

2. Can knife handle pins be installed at home?

The correct tools can install knife handle pins at home.

3. Knife handle pin materials?

Stainless steel, brass, or copper make knife handle pins.

4. Different knife handle pins?

Mosaic pins are one sort of knife handle pin.

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