5 Best Benchmade Knife Sharpeners Review

Benchmade knife sharpeners demonstrate the brand’s dedication to cutlery perfection. Benchmade is trusted among knife lovers for its high-quality craftsmanship. The sharpeners keep knives sharp. Benchmade knife sharpeners keep blades sharp for chefs and home cooks alike. It can improve your cutting experience.

1. Work Sharp WSGFS221

The Work Sharp WSGFS221 is a full knife sharpening solution for sportsmen who require a compact, portable sharpener for the field, home, or workplace. Diamond plates, ceramic rods, a leather strop, and sharpening guides make this sharpener fast, simple, and consistent for knives and camp equipment.

The Work Sharp WSGFS221’s characteristics set it apart. Let’s explore this product –  

This sharpener’s diamond plates may be quickly removed to reveal a broad head wrench for field sharpening. The ceramic honing rod also contains coarse, fine, and fish hook-sharpening grooves. A tiny ceramic rod sharpens serrated blades.

You can obtain consistent and exact blade edge angles with the purpose-built 20° angle guide for diamond plate sharpening and a 25° angle guide for honing a strong micro-bevel. Five abrasive steps—coarse and fine diamond sharpening plates, ceramic hones, and a leather strop—provide a full sharpening solution.

It can handle outdoor use. Its tiny, self-contained design makes it ideal for hunting, fishing, camping, and other activities that need a sharp edge. Grab it and go—no tools or assembly are required.

It is proud of its American roots and craftsmanship. Ashland, Oregon, engineers industry-leading sharpening tools. WSGFS221 purchases help a 4th-generation family-owned business and the local economy.

5 Best Benchmade Knife Sharpeners Review

2.  Spyderco  204MF

The flexible Spyderco 204MF Tri-Angle Sharpmaker includes safety rods, an instructional DVD, and two premium alumina ceramic stone sets for blade repair and professional-grade polishing. This sharpening device can sharpen a variety of edged and pointed instruments.

It makes quick work of sharpening. Its simple, straightforward design keeps the knife plane stable for perfect sharpening. This technique makes sharpening easy and fun, producing great results for beginners and pros alike.

It is durable, with an ABS plastic base and storage container. The base’s keyed holes properly place the stones for consistent sharpening. The small, compact 204MF is suitable for travelers. Snap all the parts into the ABS plastic base and lid to take it anywhere.

It sharpens more than knives. It works well on kitchen knives, chef knives, pocket knives, scissors, awls, and more. The complete instruction book and DVD help you sharpen any tool to perfection.

It has crucial sharpening components. Aluminum safety rods are included for sharpening. Two sets of high-quality alumina ceramic sharpening stones—two fine for aggressive sharpening and two medium for professional finishing—are included. These stones are made to function well and last.


The premium Work Sharp WSBCHPAJ-ELT-ATL Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener comes with extra sharpening stones and a travel bag. This sharpener is fast, simple, and adaptable, with seven abrasive grits, adjustable angles, and serrated knife sharpening.

It has seven grits for sharpening. 220, 320, 400, 600, and 800 diamond grits sharpen from coarse to fine. Leather straps and tiny ceramic stones polish the edges. The sharpener also has a serrated ceramic knife rod to keep all blades sharp.

Adjustable sharpening angles make the Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener stand out. Set the angle between 15 and 30 degrees using a simple adjustment mechanism for excellent sharpening control. This function offers consistent and reproducible outcomes for knives and cutting activities.

The WSBCHPAJ-ELT-ATL’s Tri-Brasive sharpening stones make grit shifting easy. The index between grits without equipment or complicated modifications. This time-saving tool lets you easily switch between sharpening steps. Switching rods are easy, ensuring throughput and efficiency.

The Precision Adjust Elite Knife Sharpener’s compact, fine ceramic rod is suited for serrated blades. This lets you keep serrated edges sharp for optimal performance. This sharpener keeps straight-edged and serrated blades sharp.

The sharpener lets you reprofile existing blades or make unique edges with its variety of grits. This sharpener has the grits to repair a dull blade or polish a brilliant edge. To get the optimal blade edge, try several grit combinations.


The Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition is a synthetic sharpener with excellent performance and adaptability. This sharpener is versatile because of its adjustable sharpening guide, variable speed motor, and superior flexible abrasive belts.

The sharpener’s adjustable sharpening guide lets you create perfect 15–30-degree edge bevels. This function allows you to optimize knife and tool performance by setting the edge angle. The adjustable guide lets you sharpen blades precisely.

It can grind and hon using its variable-speed motor. The motor’s cooling system improves power and sharpness. With slow-speed honing or high-speed grinding, you can tailor the sharpening procedure to each blade.

Premium flexible abrasive belts give the WSKTS-KO sharpener a durable convex edge. These belts can handle vigorous honing and deliver consistent results. The belts adhere to the blade shape for better contact and precision sharpening. These professional-grade abrasive belts sharpen quickly.

They provide rapid, precise, and consistent sharpening without setup or calibration. The easy-to-use design makes sharpening a breeze. The 0.5-inch 6000 grit belt is designed to better touch serrations and other hard-to-reach edges, ensuring that no blade section is dull. This sharpener reliably sharpens knives and equipment, improving their performance.

Work Sharp is part of Darex, a fourth-generation family-owned corporation in Ashland, Oregon, and proudly American. Work Sharp has created industry-leading sharpening products for over 40 years. It is a premium device from a storied manufacturer.

5. Work sharp WSKTS2

The Work Sharp WSKTS2 Knife and Tool Sharpener Mk.2 sharpens all your knives quickly and easily. Its flexible belts, sharpening guide, two-speed motor, and edge guide make sharpening fast, easy, and consistent.

Flexible belts sharpen blades on them. Professional technology is now available for home and shop usage. The belts sharpen outdoor, pocket, and kitchen knives. These belts sharpen serrated knives, scissors*, and other edge instruments, offering versatility and convenience.

The WSKTS2 sharpening guide ensures accuracy and reproducibility. Consistent sharpness requires this feature. The guide’s new scratch-resistant leather liner protects blades during sharpening. This sharpener can switch between 25° and 20° angles for outdoor and kitchen knives.

Its two-speed motor balances power and control. The low-speed option is ideal for honing delicate blades, while the high-speed level provides power for grinding and sharpening. This sharpener sharpens lawnmower blades, axes, and other garden instruments.

Its edge guide holds the knife to the tip, making sharpening simpler and faster. Even with obstructions, this function sharpens the whole blade. The edge guide may be easily removed to facilitate full blade sharpening.

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Ease of Use –   We evaluated its user interface, instructions, and overall usability. Our testers assessed sharpeners’ ergonomics, adaptability, and ease of use. We assessed the sharpeners’ suitability for beginners and experts.

Versatility –   We tested it with various blade types, sizes, and materials. We tested them on straight, serrated, and tanto blades. We tested the sharpeners’ blade thickness compatibility.

Durability –   We tested sharpener’s durability and construction quality. Our evaluators investigated materials, construction, and durability. We assessed sharpeners’ durability and effectiveness under heavy use.

Its safety features were assessed. Our evaluators looked for sharpeners with strong handles or non-slip platforms for stability. We sought to sharpen characteristics that prevented slips and falls.

They are portable and convenient. We examined their size, weight, and suitability for outdoor or on-the-go sharpening. Compact storage and carrying cases were also considered.

User Feedback –   We evaluated confirmed customer feedback and our personal testing. This gave us a better understanding of Benchmade Knife Sharpeners’ pros, cons, and user satisfaction.

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How We Picked

Our product review firm selects items, like Benchmade Knife Sharpeners carefully. We chose Benchmade Knife Sharpeners for review:

Market investigate –   We investigate top knife sharpeners. Analyzing consumer feedback, expert comments, and industry trends. We hunt for sharpeners that people like.

Brand Reputation –   We evaluate the knife sharpener brand’s trustworthiness. Benchmade makes high-quality knives, therefore, we prioritize reviewing their sharpeners.

Customer Demand –   We consider consumer product demand. We consider this sharpener if demand is high. Demand shows a product’s popularity and importance.

Unique Features –   We hunt for innovative knife sharpeners. Specialized sharpening angles, numerous stages for varied demands, or sophisticated materials may be used. We choose sharpeners with unique designs or utility.

Availability –   We assess product accessibility. Our readers should be able to buy it online or in stores.

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These characteristics ensure that the goods we evaluate, like Benchmade Knife Sharpeners, are trustworthy, popular, and relevant to our readers. We want to enlighten consumers about sharpener quality and performance.

What to Look for When Buying Benchmade Knife Sharpeners?

To make an informed purchase of a Benchmade knife sharpener, examine some crucial considerations. Look for:

Benchmade Knife Sharpener –   Consider its sharpening procedure. Manual, electric, and hybrid methods exist. Choose a sharpening process that suits your expertise and preferences.

Benchmade Knife Sharpener’s Sharpening Angle Options –   Evaluate them. Sharpening knives requires different angles. Find a sharpener with changeable angles to sharpen different blades.

Abrasives –   Check the sharpener’s abrasives. Diamond, ceramic, and tungsten carbide are common. Sharpening and durability vary by material. Choose an abrasive based on your demands and the blades you’ll sharpen.

Grit Levels –   Assess Benchmade Knife Sharpener grit levels. Grit is the abrasive surface’s coarseness or fineness. For honing and polishing, use a finer grit, whereas for initial sharpening or blade repair, use a coarser grit. A sharpener with many grits is versatile.

Usability –   Assess the sharpener’s usability. Look for ergonomics, clear directions, and straightforward operations. User-friendly sharpeners make sharpening easier and safer.

Benchmade Knife Sharpener Safety –   Evaluate its safety features. To prevent sharpening injuries, look for non-slip bases, sturdy grips, and finger protection. Preventing accidents and maintaining a safe sharpening environment require safety.

Durability and Build Quality –   Check the sharpener’s durability. A well-built sharpener composed of high-quality materials can sustain regular usage without losing function or needing repair. Durable sharpeners last and provide value.

Portability and Storage –   Consider Benchmade Knife Sharpeners’ portability and storage. Look for a portable sharpener for travel. Check if the sharpener has built-in accessory storage or protective coverings for safe storage.

Customer Reviews and Reputation –   Check out these sharpener reviews. Verified consumer feedback can reveal the sharpener’s performance, dependability, and user experience. Quality products have good reviews and delight consumers.

Bottom Line

For knife enthusiasts who appreciate blade sharpness and performance, they are essential. Benchmade knife sharpeners are renowned for their quality and precision. Benchmade sharpeners work well for chef knives and other kitchen blades. It can keep your blades sharp and ready for any cutting activity. It improves cutting and knife life.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.