Best EDC Knife: Top Picks for Every Day Carry

In recent days EDC knives are the most useful and trendy things to carry anywhere and anytime like a phone, wallet and keys.But best EDC knives under $100 are not only handy but also functional and life-saving additional tools for any tough situations.These have reasonable  price without sacrificing good blade and handle construction, safety features and factory sharpness.

It seems that EDC knives under $100 are made from cheap materials without caring on qualities, which could not offer all the advantages which you expect from them.But if you have enough time to go through a well research, you will find lots of options which won’t break on your even years of a lot of uses.They won’t bend easily and able to perform service as you want.

We will help to pick best EDC knives under $100 to do the well research task on behalf of you.On the way, we attached a top list with 10 favorite items, buying guides and FAQs to make the choice of perfect EDC knifes without doing any mistake or wasting time.

Our Top Picks

If you are not able to find best EDC knives under $100 your total investment will go in vain.Along with lots of model from different or same manufacturer with different features which will make easy of your daily indoor and outdoor life including food prep, gardening or emergency applications.When you have the right EDC knife, you cannot move anywhere without this.We picked most popular choices for your consideration which are budget friendly and satisfying for different types of tasks.Check out the best EDC knives under $100 in here.



 Let’s start with CRKT Pilar EDC folding pocket knife for best EDC knives under $100.It is a well design and strongly build knife for its price point.As this knife is designed by Jesper Voxnaes in Loegstrup, Denmark to being reliable for their customer for authenticity For unparalleled balance and rigidity this knife designed with stainless steel handle it will go years even after indoor and outdoor various tasks.The blade is made from 8Cr13MoV premium quality blade materials, helps to make it durable and long-lasting.

Another important is two position pocket clips for tip up and tip down carry, which offer a lot of convenience when you are carrying this for general use and outdoor activity.Along with 5.94 inch overall length(blade length 2.40”) and 4.2 oz makes it lightweight and compact to carry this as a must-have item with you.The classy appearance with satin finish of blade has a modern and neutral look to fit anyone’s personality such as-man, woman, young and elder.

This item frame lock to ensure higher level of security to use, carry and store them in your hand, pocket and bag.Featuring with thumb slot helps to open the blade with single hand.This has a limited lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship to make you happy with your purchase.Precise engineering of the entire blade feels comfortable to use.And the fine tip and plain edge will be perfect for quality cutting task and the Wharncliffe shape ensure long and cuts.

Key features

  • Made from premium materials
  • Understated folding knife 
  • Minimal design
  • Designed with frame lock
  • Stainless steel handle 
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty

Why we picked it

  • Well-balanced with handle
  • Fine tip for delicate and detail task
  • Modified Wharncliffe shape
  • Safe and easy  to carry


If you are profession on not carrying something, a big knife is a hassle.To replace them, a versatile  Benchmade Bogout 535 drop point blade knife can be a pocket friendly option which have good steel construction as American made  CPM S30V steel to offer Fast rate edge retention and corrosion resistance quality to be durable and long-lasting for daily uses.Plus, the drop point blade allow versatility and strength to be efficient for food prep, around home cores or emergency blade. Like others’ creation of Benchmade, this also have lifetime warranty against any damage.

The knife is perfect audition for outdoor activities for its small steel liner and lightweight which will disappear into your pocket.When you need this, it is an excellently functional EDC knife with sharp edge.This has  Glass reinforced nylon made handle with ergonomic textured grip for this won’t slip from your hand and fell you comfortable even long time holding.Also, the materials make the handle enough durable to go like the blade itself 

 Due to incredible touch construction you can confidently carry this for hiking, backpacking, camping and so on.For safe and smooth open and closing, this has AXIS locking mechanism which takes single hand operation.No matter you are in toughest situation in camping or hiking this have reversible clip and lanyard hole to carry this in your pocket without tension of  losing this.This knife is factory sharp even coming from the box with it, you can save cost of resharpen and repairing of the entire life of the blade.

 Key features

  • 4 color choice available
  • Textured grip of easy use
  • Designed with AXIS locking mechanism
  • Lanyard hole for easy carry
  • Reversible clip
  • Fast rate edge retention and corrosion resistance

Why we picked it

  • Extremely slim and sturdy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Precision drop point construction
  • Glass reinforced nylon handle


When it comes to find an overall knife for multifunction with perfect size and solid building, CRKT Drifter folding pocket knife is ideal one for anyone’s consideration.The small size knife have 6.50 inch overall length with 2.88 inch blade which easily fit any size of hands to access this comfortable.To keep the knife feather like lightweight, it is designed with G10 handle.It will go years and won’t sire your hand in chopping wood or bush craft.

When you are passionate to have perfect edge of your EDC knife, you can choose this among Razor sharp or combined razor sharp and triple point serrated edges.Premium quality 8Cr14moV stainless steel ensure longevity and sharper edge of the knife.And the gray titanium nitride coating ensure corrosion resistance to make your invest worthy.Drop point shape of the blade allows strength and utility for any circumstances

Comparatively, high quality knives with low-priced raised questions over their warranty feature, but CRKT Drifter folding pocket knife backed with lifetime warranty to make pleasant their customers.For single hand opening and closing, this has a thumb stud.This EDC knife has a pocket clip to carry this conveniently.To make it convenient to use, this has an InterFrame build with stainless steel liner and a black stainless steel clip.Because of developing by Columbia River Knife and tools, you can trust its quality confidently. 

Key features

  • Lightweight and functional
  • Drop point blade for strength and utility
  • One hand opening
  • Gray Ti-Nitride finish makes corrosion resistance
  • G10 handles with exceptional grip
  • Perfect size and weight

Why we picked it

  • Covers with lifetime warranty
  • Factory like sharpen 
  • Durable construction
  • Worth of money


Outdoor Edge 3.5” RazorLite EDC knife, much dependable for those who cares about the sharp knife. This has 6 individual blades which you can safely and easily by pushing the lock release button as placed in the handle to get rid of dull blades without resharpen those.This process is really  magical to insert  and remove the replaceable blades. Don’t worry about the damage to your knife while this comes with a lifetime warranty and high quality construction.

While the market is full of cheaply made for EDC knives under $100,this have Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel  made blades which goes under heat treated for excellent edge retention and razor sharpness for years of uses. The 3.0 drop point 6 blades are versatile for different indoor and outdoor tasks.Most conveniently, you can purchase a 3.5 inch blade pack if you need additional packs for this knife. Up to your choice, you can pick this knife among three-colour choices- blue,orange and gray.

For higher durability of cutting edge even after years of deliberate use,  this has black oxide-coated blade holder.To make the knife much user-friendly this has double-sided thumb stud  which helps you to open the knife.Along with a stainless steel clip, this knife is always ready to anywhere with you. This has double molded Grivory handle which also featured with rubberized TPR  insert to provide non-slip grip even you are accessing this with wet hands.

Key features

  • Duel thumb shuds for one hand opening
  • Non-slip grip in handle
  • Safe blade changing design
  • Comes with razor sharpness
  • Available three-colour and 2 sizes
  • Incredibly strong and lightweight

Why we picked it

  • Reliable lock back design
  • Replaceable  6 blades
  • Japanese 420J2 S.S made blades
  • Black oxide coated stainless steel pocket clip


Whether you agree or not to face wilderness situation in your outdoor activity or indoor heavy tasks, we rely on fixed blade knife more than folding one.And the SOG small fixed blade knife is a noticeable example of this.This has 5.9 inch overall length with 2.3 inch clip point blade.While the most advantageous feature of the knife is its instincts style.The blade is made from stainless steel to be reliable companion for you in camping, hiking and different training period.

This is a very compact and slim knife which can carry effortlessly with a chain hanging from your neck, boot and belt.Handle of the blade constructed with 5CR15MOV stainless steel with satin finished.Plus, the full tang design also makes this solid and durable than contemporary models.To ensure maximum comfort and safety to access the knife, this jimping grip G10 handle with finger grooves.As an everyday carry, this knife is light and ergonomic.

You can safely carry this small knife with 360° mount hard molded sheath with clip.Worry free movement whether you are crying a fixed blade knife.Thick spine and tough blade combination in this small, yet functional must have  EDC knife with SOG steel and shape which won’t let you down in any situation when you feels need this.To keep your investment safe and make you happy with your purchase, this has SOG support.

Key features

  • Easier to carry with belt, boot or neck
  • Covers good manufacturer warranty
  • Tough blade made from stainless steel
  • Comes with 360° mount hard molded sheath
  • Designed with generous jimping
  • Perfect for bush crafting, woods or backpacking 

Why we picked it

  • Sturdy full tang design
  • Adjustable belt clip
  • Reach with razor sharpness
  • Compact size and lightweight


$100 is not a limitation to finding best EDC knives under 100 when you are searching then on Benchmade, a knife company is experienced over 30 years to provide American tools those are needed in every day and professional sector. Reviewers of the knife said that this one of the all-time classic and best design folding knife in the market.While the tanto shape and great size blade is perfect for slicing and piercing  things.While the slim design of the knife fits pocket and hand without making you uncomfortable with it.

It is important to check out the materials of blade and handle of an EDC  knife when you are choosing this for versatile functions and years of function.While this have premium quality CPM S30Va well blanched  steel for blade for first-rate edge retention and corrosion resistance to meet your various requirements in backpack, survival kit, tackle box, EDC item or food prep task.No matter you are in difficulties, this knife very easy to open and close with single hand for its AXIS mechanism.

With 2.90 oz weight, it won’t be noticeable of this in your pocket, yet you can take supreme advantage of having this with you in any kind of situations.This has Durable adonized aluminum handle with satin finish to make it very comfortable and non-slippy  when you are working for long time and hard tasks.For ultimate convenience, this comes with razor sharp even from the box and covers a standard   Benchmade warranty to keep good condition of your knife.

Key features

  • Comfortable grip in  G10 handle
  • Study yet lightweight
  • Reverse tanto blade
  • Robust shape for functioned properly
  • Very sharp out of the box
  • Comes with  Benchmade warranty

Why we picked it

  • Slim and stylish
  • Durable adonized aluminum handle
  • Featured with AXIS lock mechanism
  • Corrosion resistance


With double-sided thumb suds of Outdoor Edge, 3.5” Onyx EDC knife will make you flexible at the time of opening and closing it in single hand.To take care of the factory sharpness of the knife, this has 420J2 stainless steel  black oxide coated blade holder.To ensure precisely heat treated and good sharpening, Japanese blade are always recommended for EDC knives.The available 8-inch opening blade won’t disappoint you anyway.

EDC items with sharp and strong replacements offer you razor sharp knife without resharpen.Replacing blades is very simple, pushing a button.The Grivory glass/nylon handle allows higher level of durability, even more than three replacement blades lifetime.The replaceable pocket clip contours with the handle also make accessing of the knife in wilderness situation.You will easily buy more additional  replacement blade of 3.5 which are sold separately  for the most sturdy and handy piece.

The knife have build in clip which is enough to carry and store the knife securely while it does not need any additional  sheath.Whether you love to adventure and general use kit which is affordable, functional and zero maintenance, you can consider this EDC knife.Because of high quality construction, this won’t lose its sharpness even after years thousands times of uses from hunting to chopping woods for camping or other outdoor needs.Do not think about sore of hand palm while this have Trimond texture pattern for non-slip grip on handle.

Key features

  • Comes with total three replacement blades
  • One hand opening with double-sided thumb stud
  • Trimond texture pattern for non-slip grip on handle
  • Build in pocket clip for easy carry
  • Very handy and functional
  • Classical looking design

Why we picked it

  • Pretty cheap price tag
  • Changing blade is very simple
  • Stronger and bigger blades
  • Great warranty service


Except premium quality construction from point to butt, you cannot rely on any EDC knife for survival, hunting and other outdoor activities.The CJRB CUTLERY folding knife crag have durable AR-RPM9 power steel to ensure long life of this handy tool. With the HRC 59-61, blade hardness will conform its longtime perfectly sharpened cutting edge.Furthermore, this material help to be high corrosion resistance and easy of sharping knife as you do not need to mess with dull knife.

A wide variety task can be done with the multifunctional cleaver style3.43 inches long blade.This folding tactical knife designed with a flipper opening mechanism to open the knife single-handed in emergency situations.The thick blade of this knife comes with good sharping edge to cut things smoothly.It is very easy to carry when it had  a lightweight handle made from carbon fiber as well as.Textured handle create a comfortable  grip to use this conveniently.  

The amount of money you will spend on this knife will be worthy even in single penny.To carry them confidently anywhere this featured with the liner lock, your knife won’t open in accident without  your interference.Heavy-duty steel clip perform well to carry this in your pocket.For smooth and fast operation, this has ceramic ball bearing.Plus, to ensure the knife’s crisp, snappy action for life use, a ceramic ball bearing is an intellectual addition to this knife construction.

Key features

  • A steel pocket clip incorporation
  • Lanyard hole for ease of carrying
  • Ceramic ball-bearing pivot construction
  • Solid and lightweight
  • Very sharp blade
  • Finger grooves for hand position

Why we picked it

  • Equipped with flipper open mechanism
  • Cleaver style blade
  • Handle made from carbon fiber
  • Texture non-slip handle to prevent slipping


This is a  fantastic knife from CJRB cutlery knife making brand.This folding knfe have fixed blade like stability with 2.39 inch blade and 5.51 inch overall length of the knife.To construct the blade, manufacturer choose high quality AR RPM9 powder steel which have HRC 59-61 and sand polish.Along with this material and finish, this being ultimately corrosion resistant and good retention of sharping edge.And ceramic ball bearing makes it quick and reliable to open this even in emergency situation. 

It seems this knife have a good price from its elegant appearance and materials details.But Savannah Swaggerty designed functional and eye catchy EDC knife have reasonable price even less than $40.There are three-colour choice for this item.While it is very hard to find different color choice for  EDC knives, here you can grab one from black, red and green colors options.Exceptional blade design with fine tip and 0.09 inch trim ensures good cutting, carving, trimming detailed and slicing performance. 

On the process of making this knife very accessible for any task, this has compact and slim design with easily fit in your pocket like a coin.To allow clean look of the knife, this has hidden lanyard pin to carry this more secretly.On the contrary, a reversible clip on the knife help to attach this with your pocket which won’t fall except manual interference.You can hold this for long time while this have slim G10 scales.With the incredible finger grip it cannot not slip even wet hands

Key features

  • Won’t rust or lost sharper edge
  • Reversible clip to carry safely
  • Hidden lanyard hole
  • Fits comfortably in hands
  • Comparative price for superior quality
  • Simple and safe to use and store

Why we picked it

  • Unique design thick and flat blade
  • Factory like sharpness
  • Pair of thump stud
  • Convent slip G10 handle


We are reaching at the very end of the review for best EDC knives under 100 where we want to present ALBATROSS EDC cool sharp tactical folding pocket knife.This has bestseller batch on Amazon in pocket knife and folding knives’ category.To meet different emergency need this have emergency rope cutter and glass breaker.Whatever your gender, personality and preference, you can choose this among three among multi, black and gray color choices. 

The quality of the knife construction will impress you with the powerful blade and user friend hollow design of handle.This also make corrosion and wear resistance and allow long termed razor sharpness for your every day carrying knife.Whether you are enthusiast, traveler, soldier and housewife  this recurve blade   small and lightweight knife can be dependable things in kitchen task, gardening or excellently tackling the tough job whatever is that.

Compact size of this knife can not affect on user consistency and dependability beside its fierce design.This has a low profile pocket clip, which is useful to keep into  and pull from the pocket in your hurry.Most advanced this have SpeedSafe assisted opening which perform safe and single-handed opening and closing experience.Liner lock ensure accident free operation from automatic closing of knife blade.No matter you are left or right-handed, operation of this knife won’t be difficult for you.

Key features

  • Liner lock design
  • Spring assisted for one hand opening
  • Reliable and sharp knife
  • Comes with nylon bag
  • Has multiple color choices
  • Incorporated pocket clip for easy carry

Why we picked it

  • Include seatbelt cutter and glass breaker
  • Made from 440 stainless steel
  • Corrosion and wear resistance
  • A wide application

Frequently Asked Question

Getting hard to find a person who do not carry EDC knives with them for their own life-saving or completing daily kitchen/garden.Still, people don’t have clear and detail knowledge about the best EDC knives.But when you want to keep budget small, quality of the best EDC knives being doubted.Here we have attached several questions to make you satisfied with your query.Let’s read the session and experience smooth buying and using of the best EDC knives under $100. 

What is EDC?

In the simplest, literal interpretation, it’s a catchall term for “the essential items you regularly keep on your person, no matter where you’re going.” It’s the collection of personal items you never step outside of your home without. The exact gear varies from person to person and is often defined by one’s hobbies, occupation, and daily errands.

To be clear, we’re not talking about the random things that accumulate in your pockets after a day out of the house. Spare change, gum wrappers, and Taco Bell receipts don’t count. We’re referring specifically to the tools and personal items that get you through the day. Every item in your EDC kit should have a clear purpose.

Why EDC?

A thoughtful EDC kit keeps you prepared, making you ready to tackle the routine tasks you encounter throughout the day. Let’s break down the most common reasons for caring about your own everyday carry.

  • Stay prepared: Having even a basic multitool means you’re better prepared than 90% of folks out there. That sense of preparedness leads to confidence that, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll be ready. Because self-reliance is a skill worth cultivating.
  • Save time and money: In our modern society, you’re probably never too far from the right tool for any job. Worst case scenario: You can run to Lowe’s for whatever you might need. But that wastes time and money. If you’re already prepared with basic tools like a screwdriver, a small knife, and a flashlight, you won’t need to hunt for them later. It means you’ll rarely find yourself searching for the right tool because it’s always right by your side.
  • Look stylish: EDC has evolved beyond mere functionality and preparedness. These days, there’s an element of personal expression in one’s everyday carry. If you’re planning to accessorize your EDC, invest in handsome gear like an heirloom-quality knife, a badass tactical pen, or a handcrafted keychain.

How to Carry Your EDC

The final consideration for your EDC is how to actually carry your everyday carry. If you’re a minimalist, the front and back pockets of your pants might be all you need. In most cases, that’s probably how you’ve been toting your essentials around for years now. If you need to expand your EDC kit, however, consider a minimalist EDC bag to wrangle your gear in a way that works for you. For urban commuters constantly on the move, a sling might be the fastest and most comfortable solution. Those who appreciate a throwback look can opt for a fanny pack. Finally, if you’re toting more than the average Joe, take into account a small backpack or messenger bag with the right pockets, pouches, and sleeves to keep your personal EDC well organized.

Why you need an EDC knife?

There are lots of reason which need to recount when someone asked you what are the purpose to have EDC knives.Opening package or bottles, cutting fruits, performing an emergency aid, trimming and so on.You can use them more other unknown ways which are not said here.

What should you look for in an EDC knife?

We have said in details in ours buying which things you should you check out before purchasing  EDC knives.You can choose them fixed or folding blade types per your convenience.Blade size and weight plays vital role to access the knife confidently.Furthermore, blade style and materials,opening/locking  mechanism, handle materials and grip types also important factors you should consider before buying  EDC knives.

How much weight should be an EDC?

A heavier EDC knife is uncomfortable for its user and single hand opening and using at emergency time get difficult.We suggest finding an EDC knife among 2.5-5 oz to prove this most functional and portable one.When you need to carry this in pocket keeps, look to find a lightweight one.Sometimes feather like EDC knife can choose the robust one with light weight.

What is the reliable steel for an EDC knife?

Whether you are not well known about an EDC knife construction,  but you cannot be careless about the right type of steel which is chosen for EDC knife Japanese steel, carbon steel and premium quality stainless steel which have good heat retention, hardness balanced rating, rust and corrosion resistance and durability to make your purchase worthy.

What is  maintenance of your EDC knife?

Dependence on the  EDC knife is justified, but keeping it always sharp is to become a hassle.Though this knifes are comes with factory like sharpness, you need to sharpen the knife right way and routine wise.If you have folding one, don’t forget to oil the mechanism properly.


The best EDC knives under $100 are reliable, convenient and all purposeful item for you both indoor and outdoor activities.No matter, where and how you are goofing, and you do not want to carry all the tools of  EDC, but these  knives are multifunctional which can perform than just a knife.Included EDC knives of our top picked have premium quality steel made blade, dependable blade style and durable handle with comfortable grip.

A good size and weight, EDC knives can be performed more handy things in wilderness situation or camping cooking task or tent placement.If you have not  enough time to comparing a hundred products, grab one from our selected  best EDC knives under $100 pretty confident.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.