12 Best Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener Reviews in 2024

Speed is the main benefit to replace the manual or traditional sharping rods and blocks with the best electric kitchen knife sharpener. Except for the kitchen knife set, this could be ideal for pocket knife sharping. Some of them gave me the capacity to work on a serrated knife. When you are thinking knife sharping takes lots of time and patience with energy electric kitchen knife can do this task within one minute.

All of you know why a kitchen knife sharpener is needed for each kitchen. Nothing to here learn from you but getting the right model which is handy and long-lasting with standard money investment is an issue that can you need help from experience. And here we are as an experienced guide to learn you about those items and attached a buying guide to make you clear about the details. 

Electric knife sharpeners are the easiest way to sharpen your kitchen knife or pocket knives which treat your most reached tool of a kitchen and  EDC item as a sharp and active one. There are several types of knife sharper and in this writing, we will review electrical types which can operate with only one button.

Among a hundred models finding professional grade with a reasonable price is tricky while our best electric kitchen knife sharpener could be a reliable option for your kitchen.

Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener Reviews

To help you to figure out which model and brand is right for you, we have put together a collection of the best electric kitchen knife sharpener which are currently popular choices with great features. We have firmly believed the following electric kitchen knife sharpener is perfectly designed to meet all your needs. So here is the list of 12 best electric kitchen knife sharpeners for your consideration:

1. Chef’sChoice Hone Hybrid Electric and Manual Sharpening

Key features:

  • Featured with advanced hybrid technology
  • Have both electrical and manual stages
  • Can sharpen wide types of knives
  • Allow arch-shaped knife
  • Used 100 percent diamond abrasive
  • Works with 110V

Triple sharping stages featured ranked Chef’choice 250 as the first position of any best electric kitchen knife sharpener reviews like us. While others allow only two stages of sharping slots here this has three two can operate with electricity power and the third one is a manual one, which can be operated anywhere and any time without electrical power. This has an extremely fast sharping capacity with razor sharpness for straight and serrated knives.

Along with advanced hybrid technology and 100 percent diamond abrasive for the first two slots and third stage have ultra dine diamonds to complete hone and polish it is being capable to sharpen any types of knife with 20 angles even serrated too. To ensure fine edge simple needs 3-5 stocks for each slot. This is more functional with more durable and stronger professional blades with arch-shaped slots.

With 8.8 x 3.3 x 3.7 inches this has a compact size to fit anywhere without taking up so many spaces. The operation of this gadget is very simple with a plug-in and dingle switch touch. The Stylish design of this knife sharper would match any decoration of your kitchen with the white and black combination. As a good quality maintained product this is backed with a one-year limited warranty service to make more confident to purchase this.

Why we picked it

  • Compact and efficient
  • Stronger and durable
  • One-year warranty service
  • Very good quality 
  • The great value of money
  • Easy to use

2. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Key features:

  • Straightforward and effective sharping
  • Works with thicker and harder steel
  • Three suction cups attached
  • One-year warranty
  • Allow coarse and fine sharping level
  • Effective for carbon, alloy, and stainless steel knives

Simple and straightforward operation with two stages and four blade guides is the main attraction of this smart electrical knife. This can work with serrated and straight knives which are made thicker or harder stainless steel, carbon, or an alloy made. In a few seconds, it is capable to provide you the fantastic sharping edge with an only simple touch.

This item has a good review among the most popular item on Amazon shops made in China. Though it is backed with a one-year warranty, it can go the best support for up to 5 years. There is not to need for frequent replacement of this as is made with high-quality materials. Even with the small and compactness, this could be a choice for dozens of knife sharping.

The preset angle helps you to get rid of guessing angle to sharpen your knife can be a reason for the damage of knives and waste of time. But with Presto electric knife sharpener built-in angle won’t go you in the wrong direction. Performing coarse and fine grinding helps to make your knife onion or paper test ready with this automated way. The non-slip base provides great stability when you are sharpening the knife with this. 

Why we picked it

  • Offer a two-stage sharping stage
  • Built-in angle guide
  • User-friendly
  • Durable and long lasted
  • Faster and functional
  • Four blade guides

3. EverSharp Three-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

Key features:

  • Available three grain
  • Extra fine ceramic wheel
  • Sharpens very well
  • Noise-free action
  • Works on all sizes of knives
  • Blade thickness choosing option

Another product from PRESTO as a big brother as professional Ever Sharp product. This has three blade thickness options such as thick one for hunting knives and similar, medium for standard kitchen knives, and thin for filet and similar blades while the specialized coarse grinding while coarse grinding and stage two complete medium grinding, and finally stage 3 polish the blade with extra-fine grit ceramic wheel.

Leveled sharpness is a great issue when you will sharpen your knife with a block or a manual one, yet this makes sure 100 percent leveled sharping than others. You can sharpen various types and sizes of the dullest knife with this professional knife sharper at 18.43 x 11.25 x 2.18 inches. The operation of this knife sharpener is very simple with a button and pull-through the system. Now sharing knives need not any experienced.

When you are a reliable option to create a consistently sharp edge. Even this could be the most effective one for a completely dulled knife. From the sharpening process to honing this takes only 1 to 2 minutes. Though it is an old item but the most popular choice of the people for its good construction and high performance.

Why we picked it

  • Needs no pressure
  • Very easy to use
  • Space-saving design
  • Accommodates varied types of knives
  • Low maintenance
  • Reasonably priced

4. EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener, Gray

Key features:

  • Suitable for stainless steel and carbon knives
  • English written manual instruction
  • Solid and stable construction
  • Does both sharping and honing
  • Reforms razor sharpness
  • Smart operation with on\off switch

Sharping a knife with EdgeKeeper electrical knife sharper can allow you to mess free and easy cleaning with a removal magnet catches all the metal materials from the blade at the time of sharping knife. Like another gadget, this won’t a large number of knife mates as the knife lost its effectiveness and broken down after years of use. Whether you have American or European carbon steel or stainless steel knife this offers a razor edge in no time.

Certification from ETL ensures this product’s high-quality performance and sturdy construction to meet your need rounds of the year. With 8 x 3.5 x 4 inches makes a good size that can sharpen large to small size knives yet did not require large space on your countertop. As you can complete your sharping task safely this has non-slip feet to make it extremely stable on a countertop or workbench

There are three color choices is available for this product which are not common for this item usually, Among Red, black and gray from those you can choose the most preferable one for your home. Through the two-stage, it offers optimal sharping and honing. Plus the preset angle of the device provides convenient sharping with a correct edge by a diamond-coated sharping wheel. It won’t work on scissors, serrated knives, sports, and ceramic knives.

Why we picked it

  • Non-slip silicon feet
  • Easy clean housing
  • Works with two stages
  • Compact yet efficient
  • Predetermined angle
  • Well worth money

5. Warsun Electric Knife Sharpener, Professional

Key features:

  • Rechargeable electric sharpener
  • Equipped with 2000 mAh battery
  • Ceramic grinding
  • 6000 rpm capacity per mins
  • Two stages sharping
  • Anti-slip bottom

Apart from the power supply operating an electrical knife sharpener is a convenient and safe option. To keep this in mind Warsun introduces a knife sharpener that is cordless. Along with 2000 mAh battery capacity, you can recharge this unit and use it per your need outside the home camping, or others. You can be more confident to keep a sharp knife in your hand.

There are lots of knife sharping options including kitchen knives, sports knife even Santaku knives. Through the blade, the thickness selector adjusts for a most accurate adjustable angle to get professional sharping results. The three-stage sharping design included coarse for hunting and similar types of blade, medium for chef and standard type of knife, and fine one for lights blade sharping. While the extra fine ceramic wheel allows razor sharpness for your group of home knives. 

To save time and effort this could be a handy item for home or restaurant professional and non-professional chefs choice when they need to cut or slice vegetables, fruits, or others to make or garnish food faster and safely.  7.86 x 2.5 x 3 inches this has a removal magnet that catches removing metal to keep your countertop mess-free. Also, predetermined angles with non-slip feet also ensure effective positioning of unit and blades each time.

Why we picked it

  • Cordless design
  • One Direction 
  • Easy to operate
  • Two speeds available
  • Removal magnet 
  • Effortless clean and maintenance

6. 3-in-1 Electric Knife Sharpener

Key features:

  • Four slots for sharping and honing
  • Very small and compact gadget
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Works with two stages
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Needs 120v to run the unit

The good thing about this top pick of the best electric kitchen knife sharpener is it is s lightweight and compact size of  Grocery Art’s electric knife sharper with 6x 6 x 4 inch and 1.57 pounds which is very small size than other models from various brands. This completes the sharping and honing process with two stages as coarse and fine with 3-in-1 eclectic sharper for screwdrivers, knives, and scissors.

The new design of smart electric sharpener has two side simple functions one for coats and another for fine. It comes with one single on/off power button to operate the device. It is required to be powered by electricity with a 120v power cord. While other models use one slot for various purposes you will get an individual slot for knives, scissors and screwdrivers which allow high-quality sharpness and device durability.

To ensure utmost stability this has suction cups that cannot move your unit when you are active on sharping. Among knives, this can be effective for hunting, utility, and folding knives. The built-in auto angle provides the best angle for sharping though you are not experienced in that. Cleaning of the unit is very simple with damp cloth only. This magical gadget is capable of sharp knives and others without taking lots of effort and time.

Why we picked it

  • Cup suction for stability
  • Multifunctional device
  • Retractable cord
  • Built-in auto angle
  • Easy function
  • Simple and clear control

7. Electric Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives

Key features:

  • Diamond abrasive for creating an edge
  • Die-cutting disc for polishing
  • Error-proof performance
  • Offer very long-lasting edges
  • Works faster and efficiently
  • No lubrication needed

Sharping a long blade with a small device creates a problem for the knife’s evenly sharping and user too. But this gadget comes with 10.6 x 6.4 x 6.3 inches which is the right size for most popular types and length knives with a 20-degree angle. This could be suitable for chef’s knives, serrated knives, sport knives, and more to take care of all the necessary items for cutting or serving with one device.

This has two sharping stages as coarse one with 100% diamond abrasive capable to create new edge even if you have the dullest and broken knives and the fine stage has to die cutting disc for providing a smooth finish as haircut sharpness to get ready to fulfill your each need. The predetermined angle allows the best angle guide without struggling to find it when you are sharp.

Stainless steel material and convenient structure help to make it durable and long-lasting even after frequent use of the device. It needs 110 v to run the unit to offer the best sharping experience. Having two years of warranty service ensures the customer of this product its reliable contraction and high-quality performance. With the nonslip legs, this can support you superbly at the time of sharping for higher stability.

Why we picked it

  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Two years warranty 
  • Right size most sizes knife
  • Workable for various types of knives
  • Straightforward instruction included

8. electric knife Patented diamond abrasive knives sharpening system

Key features:

  • Follow 15-degree angle technology
  • Lightweight yet strong 
  • Provides ultra sharpness in seconds
  • Low sound operation
  • Most reviewed product
  • Better than expensive ones

Paper cutting test or dicing onion is possible when you have sharpened your knife with an efficient sharpener from a renowned brand like Chef’Choice. Here is the big brother of our previous reviewed product which is more powerful and functional for your blunt kitchen knife. Getting a sharp edge from the blunt kitchen or hunting knives comes with 3 stages of performance through this device.

The system has two stages with 100% diamond abrasive plate to create full damages, reshape, and restored edge for more accurate quickly and smoothly. And the third stage comes with a flexible abrasive disc that will conclude the sharping with razor sharpens to make your task more secure and effortless than cramping or cooking. A sharping kit with such a small budget offer factory sharping with XV named of this gadget.

Moving from the traditional 20 degrees sharping angle this model is updated and works with a 15-degree angle from which easily can find a difference your knife’s sharping. It is certainly worthy of every penny when you have the best ever sharp device. For serrated and various sizes knife you did not purchase a knife shaper while this most recommended item of Amazon customers. Low nose and lubricant-free operation ensure more comfort with this unit.

Why we picked it

  • 3 years warranty support
  • User-friendly
  • Offers 3 stages sharping
  • Multi functional 
  • Easy to control
  • Durable and functional

9. Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener for Kitchen

Key features:

  • Manual instruction included 
  • Pre-programmed setting
  • Available three speeds
  • Made with a quality product
  • Fast and effective sharping
  • Works with wide knives types

Did you not get your favorite one yet which can meet your need in the list of best electric kitchen knife sharpeners? Then consider this model from Wusthof with three belts to introduce an ultra-sharp knife without removing many amounts of metallic knife components. Precision Edge Technology developed this high quality electric sharpener for the easy and optimal edge of a knife.

Finding a safe and wonderful sharpener is touch while this consists of three stages with one touch pre-programmed control for sharping a dull or damaged knife without taking even a minute. While pulling through can make your knife unevenly sharpen, this has the adjustable sharping edge for weakly or monthly to take care of your knife like an experienced one.

Your delicate kitchen knives need more care to save your investment in the long run of frequent changing of knives to ensure a fresh cutting edge. It has well-made slots with the collaboration of work sharp an expert hand to launch active sharper worldwide. You will be more passionate about this sharpener when this has a sharping capacity of serrated knives too. Now the sharping knife is more fun and safe with such outstanding addition.

Why we picked it

  • Easy to use and control
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stylish and affordable 
  • Safer operation
  • Correctly angled
  • Well-balanced

10. Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener

Key features:

  • Super easy to control
  • 2 stages performance
  • Needs 120v power supply
  • Stabilizing feet
  • Control with on/off switch
  • Not needed downward pressure

Since an electric sharpener comes on the market from LINKYO this is a popular choice over the contemporary models. This happened not only it come from a reliable brand but has the unreliable performance to give your blades razor sharp edges, which appearance and functionality you are wanting to bring your kitchen knife. This will be a great fit for any straight knife edge.

Like another shaper this won’t require any pressure on the blade to sharpen it, only hold the tools at 90-degree angle and pull normally with the auto-settled angles which will provide leveled sharping knife in seconds. The two stages- one for coarse and another for fine which is popular and designed for the most powerful sharpener and capable to do restore or creating a new edge to a surprising final finish. The hassle-free receptacle with easy-to-remove connector sleeve capture helps to complete the sharping task more cleanly.

You have already seen the robust and easy controlling appearance from the picture of this device while reliability will come from real customers review and our well-researched reviews. It runs with 120v which is most suitable for home use. It is therefore a fast and well-balanced unit for keeping a sharp edge without doing any damage to your knife.

Why we picked it

  • Automatic blade positioning guide
  • Sharping and honing
  • Quick and easy sharping
  • Included easy instruction
  • Solid and durable structure
  • Good value of price

11. Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Combines Electric and Manual Sharpener

Key features:

  • Combines manual and automatic sharping
  • Requires 20 degrees angled knife 
  • Sturdy construction
  • lightweight and compact design
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Works with varied knives type and sizes

Chef’schoice introduces several models which can provide effective sharping with electric connectivity or manually to ensure the utmost convenience when you want to sharpen your knife anytime and anywhere, here is a popular model hybrid diamond hone sharpener 270. Perfect sharping comes with a three-stage sharping process for broken or fully damned knives to weekly or monthly re-sharpen.

The great combination of 3-stage hybrid technology and crisscross technology is specially designed for efficient sharping for most of the popular choices of knives including straight knives such as pocket knives, sport knives, household and kitchen knives with serrated knives too. The crisscrossed design will ensure to sharpen within and out the edge with a burr-free guarantee.

Thanks to this device for creating a durable edge for your knife which makes your knife a long-termed performance and active thing for your kitchen. One year warranty on this product will be helpful to make you confident to purchase this kit. The most versatile knife sharpener should have a thin angle to allow leveling sharping with several strokes within seconds.

Why we picked it

  • One-year warranty service
  • Used crisscross sharping technology
  • Durable and elegant stainless steel knife guides
  • Three hybrid stages of sharping device
  • Have a serrated knife shaping option
  • Attractive prize

12. Chef’s Choice Professional 3-Layer Knife Sharpener

Key features:

  • Standard size to fit any countertop
  • Sharpen various types of knives
  • Can sharpen straight and serrate both
  • Allow three stages of sharping
  • Diamond-coated disc for creating new edges
  • Instruction included

We want to conclude this review about the best electric kitchen knife sharpener with another product of Chef’sChoice  3 layer professional knife sharpeners model 120 to meet your sharping desire for different kinds of knives with one kit. It will straighten the curled blade’s edge within a few strokes and make it ready to slice a ripe tomato or others securely.

 A wide application for knife sharpener is essential while purchasing this for each piece is a waste of money. This kit is ready to work with kitchen knives, cleavers, pocket-style knives, and sports knives. Plus the third slot is good to sharpen serrated knives factory-like sharping. White-colored structure with a black combinations makes you more confident those won’t look odd on your home decoration.

Fully hands of application of this device keep you safer. While you sent your knife to sharpen to the professional it will be costly but when you want to keep this type of sharpener at your place it should be designed with professional sharpness with individual three layers. The non-slip feel of the device ensures high stability to perform correctly, no matter whether you are sharpening a larger knife.

Why we picked it

  • Preset angles
  • Leveled sharping of every time
  • Three years household warranty
  • Worth of a single penny
  • Simple yet sturdy
  • Offer long-lasted blade edge

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have still questioned about electric kitchen knife sharpener, check out our frequently asked questions which are given below which can make you more confined to seek your next purchase of electric kitchen knife sharpener or improve the performance which is already exiting your place. You can ask more questions in comments feel free to which are you seeking to answer. These are :

Can an electric knife sharpener offer professional sharping?

Of course, high quality can sharpen professional sharpness. For this reason, professional chefs take them to the shaken knives without any broken edge, denting, or bending which is perfect for cutting things smoothly.

Because of having multiple slots or stages like coarse, middle, and fine according to your need. Without investing any effort you can ensure razor sharpness in one or two minutes.

Do the electric sharpeners get dull?

After long termed use with more, and more sharping electrical sharpener gets dull as their sharping material will lose effectiveness for uses and thus requires replacement.  A high-end sharper comes with ultra hard sharping materials which can go the rounds of a decade.

How long does an electric sharpener last?

It depends on the quality of your knife sharper. But if you have a high-quality sharpener it could go up to 20 years out without any maintenance or replacement. We suggest you purchase a high-quality one than a lower quality which needs annually replacing of sharping materials.

Can you sharpen your knife blades regularly?

There is no hard and fast rule which you should follow to sharpen your knife. Which and how frequently you use your knife you should sharpen your knife. All the types of knives did not require sharping routinely. In this case, honing can be a good idea after 4-5 times uses when you are having a stainless steel knife. Each month you should sharpen your knife twice to keep it in good condition.

Do an electric knife sharper damage your knife?

As this type of knife sharper removes a good number of metal materials from the knife, after years of sharping your knife in this way it can shorten the life of your knife. Although some of them are designed with adjustability they can not match all the knives. You should be confirmed which type of knife you want to sharpen and asked those from stores for the best result.

Final Thought on Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Kitchen knives need sharpening even if you have top-of-the-line ones after a few months of continual use from cutting to decorating food you should have good knowledge about the best electric kitchen knife sharpener no matter whether you are purchasing them now or later. Replacing the set of knives frequently is not possible rather than finding a cost-effective and professional electric knife sharpener that ensures a razor-sharp kitchen knife or pocket knife in your hand.

These high-tech gadgets will work in an unbelieving way to sharpen your knife in a few seconds to bring dull blades back to life. You will find various types, sizes, and designs that are effective in different types of knives and tools.

Needless to say, our chosen item has a good rating with current visitors of an online shop and real customer reviews which will make you confident in your investment in the best electric kitchen knife sharpener.

I love knives and love reviewing them. Knives have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. We grew up using knives in the kitchen and in outdoors.