What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Texas?

Many people carry knives for self-defense, outdoor sports, or utility. Understand your state’s knife carry laws. This guide covers Texas knife laws.

Knowing the laws will help you stay legal while enjoying the benefits of carrying a knife in Texas, whether you live there or are visiting.

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Texas?

In Texas, the legal size of knives depends on the type, purpose, and circumstances of the owner. Section 46.01 of the Texas Penal Code details illegal weapons, including knives, and their restrictions. Let’s examine the details.

What is the Texas Penal Code

Texas’s Penal Code defines crimes and their consequences. It guides Texas law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges in criminal matters.

The Texas Penal Code covers murder, assault, theft, fraud, drug offenses, sexual offenses, and weapons-related offences. It describes each offense, the mental condition required for criminal responsibility, and the punishments for guilt.

The Texas Penal Code also covers arrest, search and seizure, bail, trial, and punishment. It covers defenses, criminal responsibility, and defendant rights.

Social norms, judicial precedents, and legislative revisions are updated in the Texas Penal Code. The Texas Legislature updates it to keep it current and useful for the criminal justice system.

The Texas Penal Code helps people, legal professionals, and law enforcement organizations understand criminal offenses, choose charges, and calculate penalties. It helps Texas maintain law and order and administer criminal justice fairly.

This overview provides a general grasp of the Texas Penal Code and its importance. Consult the Texas Penal Code or a licensed attorney for particular legal questions.

Legal Size for Pocket Knives and Folding Knives

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Texas?
Legal Size for Pocket Knives and Folding Knives

The Texas Penal Code does not limit pocket and folding knife length. If these knives aren’t banned, people can carry them.

It’s crucial to note that pocket knives and folding knives’ legality mostly depends on their intended use and the circumstances surrounding their possession. There is no length limit, however when choosing a pocket knife or folding knife for daily carry, be cautious and practical.

Switchblade, throwing, dagger, and knuckle knives are illegal weapons under the Texas Penal Code. These knives are banned from public spaces.

Choose a pocket knife or folding knife that fits your needs and follows the Texas Penal Code. Carrying a knife in Texas is legal if you choose one with a respectable blade length, robust construction, and a useful design.

Since local laws vary, it’s a good idea to learn about them. Legal professionals or the Texas Penal Code can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about Texas pocket knife and folding knife sizes.

What is Considered a Prohibited Weapon?


Understanding Texas’s forbidden knife categorization is crucial for legal compliance. This knowledge will help you choose knives and legal places to carry them.

Switchblade Knives

Switchblade knives, also called automatic knives, have spring-activated blades. Texas bans switchblade blades of any length. This law is significant.

Knife Toss

Texas bans throwing knives with balanced blades and handles. Carrying throwing knives—for self-defense or recreation—is forbidden.


Texas bans double-edged daggers with sharp points. In public or restricted areas, daggers are illegal regardless of blade length.

Knuckle Knives

Texas bans “knuckle knives” or “knuckledusters,” which have knuckles. These knives are stabbing and impact weapons with blades mounted to knuckles.

Questions (FAQs)

Texas allows pocket knives with blades over 5.5 inches?

Texas prohibits pocket knives with blades longer than 5.5 inches. However, the Texas Penal Code restricts this to schools and prisons. A longer-bladed pocket knife may be allowed outside these prohibited zones.

Can I carry any pocket or folding knife?

In Texas, you can carry any pocket knife or folding knife that is not a restricted weapon. To comply with the law, use prudence and observe the Texas Penal Code.

Texas permits self-defense with switchblades.

Texas bans switchblade knives regardless of their purpose. Texas Penal Code prohibits switchblade knives. Explore state-legal self-defense choices.

Texas bans guns, but are there exceptions?

Avoid carrying forbidden weapons, while the Texas Penal Code allows some exceptions. Understanding the laws and engaging with lawyers can clarify exceptions.

Texas allows knife hunting and outdoor activities.

Texas allows hunting knives. However, the knife must be suitable for the intended use and comply with other relevant laws and regulations, such as hunting regulations and area limits.

Carrying a banned firearm in Texas has what consequences?

Carrying a restricted weapon in Texas can lead to criminal prosecution, fines, and imprisonment. To prevent breaking laws, you must learn them.


Texas citizens and visitors must know the legal knife sizes. As long as they’re not weapons, pocket knives and folding knives are legal, but it’s crucial to follow all rules. Carrying a knife legally lets you enjoy its benefits.

This article provides a broad overview, not legal advice. For the latest information on Texas knife carry laws, consult legal specialists or the Texas Penal Code.

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