What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in PA?

Know your local knife laws. Pennsylvania (PA) law limits knife sizes. This article will cover “what size knife is legal to carry in PA” in detail to help you stay legal.

 What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in PA?

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in PA?
Size Knife is Legal to Carry in PA 1

Knife laws in Pennsylvania (PA) vary by type and purpose. PA permitted knife sizes are as follows:

Pocket Knives

Pennsylvania does not limit openly carried pocket knife blade length. If it’s not concealed and used legally, you can carry a pocket knife with any blade length.

Carry concealed:

Pennsylvania law prohibits concealed knife blades to 3.5 inches. This includes concealed knives like folding knives.

These are general rules, but other circumstances may make carrying a knife illegal. Schools, government buildings, and airports may have knife bans. Local regulations, Pennsylvania statutes, and legal advice are recommended for accurate and current information.

What is  the Different Types of Knives


Different knives serve different purposes. Common knives:

Chef’s Knife: Suitable for chopping, slicing, and dicing.

Paring Knife: A small, narrow knife for peeling, trimming, and precision cutting.

Santoku Knife: A shorter, wider Japanese knife for slicing, dicing, and mincing.

Bread Knife: A long, scalloped serrated knife for slicing bread without smashing it.

Carving Knife: A long, thin, pointed knife used to slice roasts, hams, and turkeys.

Boning Knife: A narrow, sharp, and flexible knife used to remove meat, poultry, and fish bones.

Fillet Knife: A thin, flexible knife for filleting fish and skinning delicate meats.

Utility Knife: A smaller chef’s knife for slicing tiny vegetables and fruits.

Steak Knife: Designed for cutting cooked steak at the table, this serrated knife has a sharp tip.

Cleaver: A heavy, rectangular knife with a strong blade for chopping bones and difficult meat.

Nakiri Knife: A Japanese vegetable-slicing knife with a narrow, rectangular blade.

Hunting Knife: A strong, fixed-blade knife for hunting, camping, and survival.

Pocket Knife: A tiny folding knife with multiple blades and gadgets for everyday use.

PA Knife Carry FAQs

PA allows knives with blades beyond 4 inches?

Pennsylvania law prohibits carrying knives with blades over 4 inches. For legality, follow the 4-inch blade length limit.

Is carrying knives in public prohibited?

PA bans blades in public areas. Knives of any length are illegal in schools, courthouses, government facilities, and other weapons-free zones.

PA allows concealed knives.

PA allows hidden knives up to 4 inches long. It’s crucial to know your state’s concealed carry rules because they can vary.

Do cars allow knives?

Pennsylvania law allows authorised knives in vehicles. However, the knife must be locked away from the driver and passengers. Avoid legal difficulties by locking the knife in the glove compartment or trunk.

Automatic knives in PA—legal?

Automatic knives, often known as switchblades, open automatically when pressed or flicked. Auto-knives are permitted in Pennsylvania.

However, certain PA municipalities have harsher automatic knife laws. Check the local rules and regulations in your area.


To avoid legal complications, it’s important to know Pennsylvania’s knife size requirements. PA allows open and concealed carry of knives with blades under 4 inches. Remember that schools and federal facilities prohibit blades of any length.

Always handle a knife safely in PA. Staying up of knife law developments in your state is also crucial.

Knowing the regulations and types of knives allows you to carry a knife legally for varied purposes.

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