What is a Gravity Knife?

Knife aficionados and collectors are getting more and more fond of gravitational knives. These knives offer a novel and effective method for performing a variety of cutting jobs, thanks to their sleek appearance and ingenious operation. Nevertheless, with so many varieties on the market, selecting the ideal gravity knife may be challenging.

In this buyer’s guide, we will investigate what a gravity knife is, how it operates, the history of gravity knives, and much more. This guide will offer you all the information you need to make an informed selection, whether you’re an obsessive collector or just searching for a trustworthy cutting tool.

What Is a Gravity Knife?

A gravity knife is a sort of folding knife in which the blade is propelled out of the grip by gravity or motion. In contrast to a conventional pocket knife, which normally uses a manual mechanism, such as a thumb stud, to deploy the blade, a gravity knife depends on gravity to unlock and deploy the blade.

Certain gravity knives contain a locking mechanism that allows the blade to be locked in the open position, making them handy for activities requiring the blade to be held open for a lengthy period of time. Workers in businesses requiring a rapid and easy-to-use cutting instrument, such as construction and shipping, frequently employ these knives.

How Does a Gravity Knife Work?

A gravity knife deploys its blade from its handle using gravity or the force of gravity. The blade is normally stowed and secured within the handle while not in use. To deploy the blade, the user must flip the knife into a certain position and then use a button, lever, or another mechanism to release the blade.

The blade then falls off the handle and locks into position, making it ready for use. Typically, the blade is secured by a locking mechanism that prevents it from shutting on the user’s fingers when in use.

To shut the blade, the user need only deactivate the mechanism and pull the blade back into the handle.


Why Is The Gravity Knife So Controversial?

The gravity knife is controversial owing to its design and method of action, which enables the blade to be deployed quickly with one hand. This characteristic has made it popular among craftsmen and military personnel who want a quick and straightforward knife.

Yet, the same characteristic has also made the gravity knife a weapon of choice for criminals, resulting in its prohibition in several nations out of concern for public safety.

The issue surrounding the gravity knife is frequently centered on the difficulties of identifying and regulating the weapon, as well as the rights of persons to carry such a weapon for authorized purposes.

Types Of Gravity Knives

Out-the-front (Otf) Gravity Knives

When opened, the blade of these knives slides out from the handle and locks into place.

Flip-open Gravity Knives

Similar to a switchblade, this knife’s mechanism allows the blade to be flipped out of the handle.

Drop-point Gravity Knives

The blade of this type of knife falls out of the handle when the knife is opened, thus the name “drop-point.”

Lever-release Gravity Knives

When pushed, the lever or button on these knives detaches the blade from the handle.

Ball-bearing Gravity Knives

This type of knife utilizes ball bearings to facilitate the smooth movement of the blade into and out of the handle.

Tactical Gravity Knives

Intended for military or tactical use, these knives often have a serrated or partially serrated blade.

How To Clean a Gravity Knife

1. Disassemble the Knife

If feasible, separate the knife into its various components, including the blade, handle, and mechanism. This Will Make Completely Cleaning the Knife Easy.

2. Clean the Blade

Use a Soft Cloth or Brush to Remove Any Debris or Dirt from the Blade. If the blade is rusted, clean it using a rust remover. You can use a mild soap solution to remove stubborn grime.

3. Clean the Handle

Wipe the handle with a damp cloth, paying special attention to the areas that come into contact with your skin. If the handle is made of wood, remove any dirt or oil with a wood cleaner.

4. Dry the Knife

Use a dry cloth to remove any residual moisture after cleaning the knife. Be Careful to Completely Dry the Knife to Avoid Corrosion and Other Damage.

5. Reassemble the Knife

Reassemble the Knife according to the manufacturer’s instructions after it has dried. Before using the knife again, ensure that all parts are securely attached.

Popular Modern Gravity Knives In 2023

Paragon – Warlock Gravity Knife

The Paragon Warlock is a Gravity Knife with an Unorthodox Opening Mechanism. In lieu of a thumb stud or thumb hole, the Warlock’s double-button locking system consists of an oversized, textured pivot.

When both sides of the pivot are pushed, the handle of the knife separates, revealing the blade, which may then be deployed using gravity. The Handle is Textured for a Stable Hold and the Blade is Constructed from High-Quality Steel. The knife also features a locking mechanism to keep the blade securely in place while the blade is open.

Reate – Exo Drop Point Gravity Knife

The Reate Exo Drop Point Gravity Knife is a High-Quality, Daily Carry and Usage Gravity Knife.

It has a Drop Point blade made from high-quality steel and a sleek, modern design with a sturdy aluminum handle. The Blade is Deployed Utilizing a Unique and Revolutionary Gravity Mechanism, Enabling a Quick and Effortless Opening Procedure.

When the knife is opened, a secure locking mechanism holds the blade firmly in place. It is a Well-balanced and Dependable Knife, Making It an Excellent Option for Anybody Seeking a Practical and Elegant Gravity Knife.

Bottom Line

It is a sort of folding knife that is meant to open with a flick of the wrist. Because to their link with violence and criminal behavior, gravity knives are now mainly prohibited in many regions of the world, where they were formerly popular among military personnel and hunters. Before acquiring or possessing a gravity knife, it is vital to investigate and comprehend the local laws. While gravity knives may be advantageous in some situations, safety and legality must always take precedence when it comes to knife possession and use.

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