What is a Kiridashi Knife: A Versatile and Practical Tool

Knives are made for many reasons. Kiridashi knives are multifunctional. This page explores kiridashi knives’ origins, uses, and unique traits. Read on to learn about kiridashi knives, whether you’re a knife fanatic or just interested about this unique tool.

What is a Kiridashi Knife?

Kiridashi knives are Japanese utility knives with a single bevel blade and simple, practical design. “Kiridashi” means “cut carve” in Japanese, which precisely describes the knife’s purpose. The kiridashi knife, originally used for carpentry and leathercraft, is now valued by craftsmen, artists, and regular users.

The Anatomy of a Kiridashi Knife

What is a Kiridashi Knife?
Kiridashi Knife

Let’s dissect a kiridashi knife:

Blade: Kiridashi knives have sharp, durable steel blades. Its single bevel allows precise cuts and detailed work.

Handle: Kiridashi knives have wood handles for a natural grip. For varied tastes, several variants include bone or synthetic handles.

Tip: Kiridashi knives can cut delicately due to their pointed tips. The knife’s sharpness and agility make it ideal for precision work.

Kiridashi Knife History


Understanding the kiridashi knife’s history is essential. Woodworkers and carpenters utilized kiridashi knives in Japan’s Edo period. The knife’s versatility and sharpness let these artists complete complex tasks.

The kiridashi knife became famous in fields other than woodworking. Today, craftsmen, artists, enthusiasts, and daily users appreciate its utility and attractiveness.

Uses of a Kiridashi Knife


Traditional Japanese utility knife Kiridashi is simple and versatile. Originally employed by Japanese craftspeople, it has several uses. Common Kiridashi knife uses:

Woodworking: Woodworkers use Kiridashi knives to carve, shape, and detail wood. Its sharp blade and pointy tip enable detailed cuts and decorations.

Leatherworking: Leatherworkers use the Kiridashi knife to cut and trim leather. Its sharp edge makes clean cuts for cutting patterns, skiving leather edges, and artistic incisions.

Paper and cardboard cutting: The Kiridashi knife’s sharp blade and fine tip cut paper and cardboard well. Artists, designers, and hobbyists use it to cut, score, and trim paper.

Whittling and carving: The Kiridashi knife is ideal for carving wood, plastic, and soap. Its small size and sharp edge enable precise work.

Everyday jobs: Due to its small size and versatility, the Kiridashi knife can be used for everyday tasks like opening packages, stripping cables, cutting ropes or cords, and any other situation that requires a sharp, compact cutting instrument.

Horticulture: Gardeners and bonsai lovers utilize the Kiridashi knife for delicate pruning, grafting, and plant work. Its keen blade cuts foliage without damage.

Cooking: The Kiridashi knife is used for peeling, precise cutting, and seed removal. Certain culinary chores suit its sharpness and mobility.

Kiridashi Knife FAQs

Kiridashi knives: Japanese only?

No, craftsmen and fans worldwide utilize kiridashi knives. Their precision and practicality make them popular in many industries.

Kiridashi knives for self-defense?

The kiridashi knife’s sharp blade is for utility, not self-defense. Use knives safely and legally.

Kiridashi knife maintenance—how?

Kiridashi knives need regular honing and storage to stay sharp. After each usage, clean the blade and avoid moisture.

Customize a kiridashi knife?

Many kiridashi knives are customizable. Kiridashi knives can be customized from handle materials to blade finishes.

Which kiridashi knives exist?

Kiridashi knives vary in blade shape, handle material, and aesthetics. Some kiridashi knives have tanto blades or stainless steel.

Kiridashi knives are sold where?

Specialty knife stores, online marketplaces, and skilled artists sell kiridashi knives. To ensure knife authenticity and quality, buy from trusted providers.


The kiridashi knife is a flexible and useful tool that has endured. This ancient Japanese knife has captivated knife aficionados and craftsmen worldwide from its woodworking roots. Kiridashi knives are perfect for artists, woodworkers, and everyday users.

Consider a kiridashi knife for your next woodworking project, precise cut, or reliable utility knife. Its sharpness, agility, and timeless design make it a reliable partner.

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