What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Virginia?

Virginia’s knife rules govern the size and type of blades that can be carried. This page covers Virginia’s legal knife sizes. Knowing the legislation helps residents and visitors avoid legal issues. Let’s investigate the topic.

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Virginia?

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Virginia?
Knife is Legal to Carry in Virginia

Virginia law limits knife sizes. Under Virginia Code Section 18.2-311, you can hide a knife with a three-inch blade. Knives with blades over three inches are considered concealed weapons and are illegal.

Rule Breakers

Certain activities and people can conceal carry blades longer than three inches. Notable exceptions:

Hunting and Fishing: You can carry any knife, including one longer than three inches, while hunting, fishing, or doing other legal outdoor activities. Knives should only be used as tools.

Work and Occupation: Chefs, craftsmen, and rescue workers can carry blades longer than three inches for work. However, such blades must be carried carefully and for their intended usage.

Law Enforcement and Military Personnel: Due to their jobs, police, law enforcement, and military employees are exempt from the three-inch knife ban. This exemption only applies to official tasks.

What is the Knife Laws in Virginia


Virginia has lax knife laws. However, local laws and circumstances can make carrying some blades illegal. Important points:

Concealed Carry: Virginia authorises open and concealed carry of knives of any size, including folding knives under 3 inches long. However, blades over 3 inches must be carried openly.

Automatic Knives: Virginia allows open carry and possession of switchblades. A concealed handgun permit (CHP) is required to conceal automatic knives.

Balisongs and Bowie Knives: Butterfly knives and Bowie knives are lawful to own and carry in Virginia.

Schools and Certain Locations: Knives with blades longer than 3 inches are prohibited on school property and school buses. Courthouses and airports prohibit blades. Check local rules before carrying knives in parks or recreational places.

Virginia Knife Carry FAQs

Virginia allows pocket knives?

Virginia allows pocket knives with three-inch blades. However, knife-using jobs and authorised outdoor activities are exempt.

Virginia knife carry age limits?

Virginia has no knife age limit. However, depending on the circumstances, minors may be prosecuted for knife possession or use.

Virginia permits hidden fixed-blade knives.

Virginia bans concealed fixed-blade knives with blades over three inches. Fixed-blade knives are acceptable for hunting and fishing.

Virginia’s knife law penalties?

Virginia knife laws can lead to criminal prosecution depending on the offence. Fines, probation, or jail may result. Avoid legal issues by understanding and following the laws.

Virginia allows self-defense knives.

Carrying a knife for self-defense in Virginia is not illegal, but it is vital to observe knife rules. To stay legal, familiarise yourself with Virginia self-defense legislation.

Virginia permits concealed knife carry.

Virginia does not issue knife concealed carry permits. Virginia concealed carry licences cover guns. Thus, illegally concealing a weapon can lead to legal issues.


Virginians and visitors must know the legal knife sizes. Knowing Virginia’s knife laws‘ restrictions and exceptions can help you avoid legal issues. Prioritise safety and knife handling. Stay safe, informed, and enjoy Virginia’s knife laws.

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