5 Best Glock Knife Reviews of 2024

Welcome to our in-depth overview of the top Glock knives currently available on the market. You should pay particular attention to this piece whether you’re a keen outdoorsman or hunter, or if you’re just seeking for a dependable, high-quality knife for regular usage. It is a well-known name in the guns industry, and they have lately added knives to their product range. In this article, we’ll examine the numerous types of these knives, what sets them distinct from the competitors, and how to evaluate which one is best for your requirements. We have you covered whether you’re looking for a tiny, lightweight folding knife or a heavy-duty fixed blade. Now, take a seat, get a drink, and prepare to delve into the world of these blades.

1 .  Glock KB17281 

5 Best Glock Knife Reviews of 2024
Glock KB17281 knife review

The Glock KB17581 81 Field Knife, the ideal accessory for use in the great outdoors! This multipurpose instrument is constructed of spring steel that has been phosphate-treated to HRC55, and it has a blade that is coated to resist corrosion and measures little more than 11 inches in length. Because one side of the saw has a plain edge and the other has a saw edge with serrations, switching back and forth between the two is simple. When you’re out in the wilderness, it will come in handy for a wide variety of tasks, such as opening bottles and dismantling ammunition boxes. Equipped with this tool, your time spent in the great outdoors will go much more quickly and efficiently. Because of its portable and space-saving design, it is simple to stow away and take along with you wherever you go. And you already know it’s of the highest quality because it comes from Glock. Hence, if you are seeking for a knife that can be used for a variety of purposes and still perform.

2.  Glock OEM GLKF039181

Glock OEM GLKF039181 knife review

The GLOCK OEM Field Knife has a 6.5-inch fixed blade and is equipped with a root saw. It is green in color. It is ideal for anyone who is looking to add a survival tool to their collection because it combines the most useful aspects of both traditional and modern blades. This cutting edge knife was built in close collaboration with Austrian Army Rangers, and it boasts a spring steel HRC 55 blade that has been phosphate treated, as well as a molded polymer handle that is comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Not only is it long-lasting, but it is also highly adaptable. With a total length of 290mm (11.4 inches) and a blade that is 6 1/2 inches long and made of carbon steel with a clip point, it is the ideal size for any task. You won’t have any trouble getting to those stubborn, hard-to-reach locations thanks to the special feature root saw located at the base of the tool. Always keep your knife on you, regardless of where you are, and keep in mind that it can even smash windows.

3. Glock OEM GLKG039180

Glock OEM GLKG039180 knife review

Take a look at Glock’s OEM Field Knife 6.5 Fixed Blade with Root Saw in Grey. When you need reliability and durability, trust that Glock has you covered – just as they have been doing since 1963. It features a heavy-duty polymer body that can withstand practically any element encountered while in the wild. You can confidently bring this knife on all of your explorations, whether that’s into the woods or across some unknown terrain; it’ll hold up to whatever nature has to offer! With its root saw feature, you can quickly and easily carve through logs, brush, and other obstacles without having to use another tool. The grey color gives it a sleek look, so it blends well with outdoor scenery – but still stands out if you drop it amongst leaves or fallen twigs. As with all Glock products, this one is extremely well crafted and manufactured in Austria for excellent quality assurance. Venture outside more often than not? Make sure you take the knife with Root Saw from Glock along for the journey!

4. Glock OEM GLKD039179 

Glock OEM GLKD039179 knife review

Glock Perfection OEM Fixed Straight Blade Field Knife with Root Saw Polymer Handle and Sheath, you’ll never be left unprepared. Developed in close cooperation with Austrian Army Rangers and manufactured in Austria, it is designed to be tough enough for any field or wilderness adventure. It features a 6.5 inch fixed blade made from carbon steel, ideal for breaking windows and cutting through tree limbs. Plus, it has a root saw on the spine of the blade which makes it perfect for sawing. The polymer handle is ergonomic with a flat dark earth color that will stand out amongst your gear collection. Best of all, it comes with a protective sheath so you can keep your knife safe when not in use. So if you’re looking to complete your toolkit or just want to make sure you’re prepared when adventuring outdoors, than this knife with Root Saw Polymer Handle and Sheath!

5.  Glock GLKG039180

Glock GLKG039180 knife review

The Glock Field Knife Fixed Blade Black Plain Root Saw measures 6.5 inches overall Polymer! Measuring at 6.5 When it comes to making short work of the task of cutting through challenging surfaces, this reliable instrument will be of great assistance to you. In addition, the color black will make it seem fashionable in whatever camping equipment or collection you have! It also comes with a polymer sheath, which enables you to carry it about easily and comfortably regardless of where you go. Because the item’s packaging weighs only 0.28 kilograms, carrying it about won’t be too burdensome for you. It is 15 inches by 3.94 inches by 1.77 inches, so it can easily be carried in any outdoor or sporting bag without taking up an excessive amount of space.

When it comes to the quality and longevity of your knives and tools, you can count on the brand name Glock to deliver both of those qualities.

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How We Tested?

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Material Quality: We evaluated the knife’s durability, sharpness, and balance by examining its construction, blade quality, and handle material.

We evaluated the knife’s capacity to cut a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, and meats. Moreover, we evaluated the knife’s capability on harder materials, like cardboard and rope.

Ergonomics & Comfort: We analyzed the grip and handle design of its knife to establish how pleasant it was to hold and use for extended periods of time. We also evaluated the knife’s balance in hand while in use.

Safety Features: We assessed the knife’s safety features, such as its locking mechanism, finger guard, and blade cover.

We evaluated the ease with which the knife could be cleaned and maintained, as well as its capacity to withstand corrosion and stains.

Our team of specialists conducted these tests under controlled settings to assure the consistency and reliability of our results. Also, we reviewed consumer comments and reviews to offer extra context and insight to our evaluation.

Our testing protocol for the Glock Knife was rigorous and intended to offer a full evaluation of the knife’s performance, durability, and use. We stand by the accuracy and objectivity of our evaluation.

How We Picked

We evaluate a variety of aspects while deciding which items to review. Here are the reasons why we chose to evaluate the Glock Knife:

Reputation: the brand is well-known and esteemed in the guns sector, and it has lately joined the knife market. Being a respected brand, we were interested in comparing their knife options to those of other manufacturers.

We saw that it created a great deal of attention and conversation among customers and knife lovers, so we wanted to determine if the buzz was warranted.

It has numerous distinctive characteristics, including a hybrid blade that blends tanto and drop-point blade components and a serrated edge that runs the whole length of the blade. We sought to determine whether these additions added value to the knife.

There are a variety of knives available on the market, but the Glock Knife provides distinctive characteristics at an inexpensive price. We intended to evaluate its performance by comparing it to other knives in the same price range.

We strive to give our readers with information on items that are a good value for the price. Its unique features and reasonable pricing make it an appealing product to evaluate.

Overall, we selected it for assessment based on its brand recognition, consumer interest, distinctive characteristics, market rivalry, and overall value. We hope that our review gives the information necessary for readers to make an educated purchase decision.

What to Look for When Buying a Glock Knife?

If you are contemplating acquiring a Glock Knife, consider the following factors:

Material of the Blade The material of the blade is a crucial consideration when purchasing a knife. It has a high-quality stainless steel blade that is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

It has a hybrid blade that incorporates characteristics of a tanto and drop-point blade, as well as a serrated edge that continues along the whole length of the blade. Assess your cutting preferences and demands while considering the form and edge of the blade.

Design and Material of Handle: The design and material of the handle are also crucial considerations. The textured polymer handle gives a firm grip and is pleasant to carry for extended periods of time. Make sure the handle is ergonomically constructed to accommodate your hand comfortably.

Length of the Knife’s Blade: The length of the knife’s blade is an important consideration based on its intended application. It has a blade length of 3.78 inches, which is an appropriate length for daily use.

Locking Mechanism: While purchasing a knife, the locking mechanism is an essential safety aspect to check for. It has a liner lock that secures the blade in place while in use.

Consider its pricing in comparison to other knives with comparable features and quality. It provides excellent value for its pricing.

By considering these variables while analyzing the Glock Knife or any other knife purchase, you can pick a knife that matches your demands and delivers good value for your money.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we hope that our guide to the finest Glock knives has helped you understand the numerous available alternatives and locate the knife that best suits your needs. Whether you’re an active outdoorsman, or hunter, or just seeking for a dependable, high-quality knife for regular use, this knife is ideal. You can rely that your new knife will be a dependable instrument for many years, given its reputation for durability and quality. If you have any questions or feedback concerning our evaluations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to help. Happy shopping!

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